My Preferred Sport? Self Sabotage

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Well, (Y/N)'s first run in with the math teacher could have gone worse, but she has a feeling they won't be too buddy-buddy after this. That's alright, there's always a next time! It's a small town, they would eventually see each other again, right? After all, only a few hours after arriving, she already met a student and a teacher at the school. Well, what's the point of dwelling on it? "Kyojuro, how has your day been so far?"

"Well, no one got hurt today, so I would say it's good!" The man with hair of flames flashed her a bright smile, and she laughed. She won't be laughing when a student from his class will eventually have to be admitted to her office due to roughhousing in the classroom. "And you? How is your first day working here?"

"Tiring." She immediately shot, but it wasn't like it was all that bad. What's a little chaos? Nothing wrong with a dusting of that in everybody's life. "But if I had to say if it was good or bad, I would say good. Maybe it's just culture shock, but I just... I dunno, I wasn't really expecting this."

"This?" He motioned for her to elaborate. He wanted her to enjoy her time here, as a new citizen of the town. "What would you say is different?"

"Hmm... Well, the people I guess. Everyone is so open and close here. To be honest, I don't know if people are like that in other places, I was always a bit of an introvert." Frankly, she was too busy with other things to even care about her social life. "Ah, and I'm not really sure if people are staring at me because I'm a stranger or because I look weird, so there's that too."

"What's wrong with standing out?" He smiled at her, curious as to why she seemed against it. Well, of course he wouldn't mind, he must be used to it with that hair. "I think everyone is looking because they want to get to know you. You're right that we don't get to see many visitors, much less people moving to our town, but I don't think they actively mean to harm you."

"Haha..." She cringed at the memory of her first ten minutes in the town when her bag was already almost stolen. "Yea... I hope not."

"Class will start soon, but we can talk more later!" He grinned, waving her off. His classroom was around the corner after all, a straight shot from her own cozy little room.

"Mhmm. Oh, actually, are you going home right after school?" She paused, backstepping to return to his side. "I promised Ms. Kanae that I would check out the clubs and meet a few of the Monday students. Do you host any clubs? I can visit you."

"Clubs?" He turned to her with a bright smile. He was always glad to lend a helping hand, and he wanted her to feel comfortable here. "There's too many clubs from there to have a teacher assigned to each one, but if you want, I can join you."

"Oh, yea, I guess that's true. It's okay you don't have to hang back just to walk me around, thank you for the offer though!" With a soft bow, (Y/N) continued on her path back to the nurse's office just as the bell rang. It wasn't as if she didn't feel his eyes watching as she turned the corner. Unfortunately, if he had something to say, time cut him off before he could.

Back in her office, she watched the clock tick on before starting to input the information that the two Shibana twins scribbled down. They didn't fill out a lot, but from the torn centers and eraser marks, she's sure they tried. When was their last checkup? If they at least knew their basic medical history, completing the form shouldn't be that difficult. Then again, she's tired. They can come in and do it later. Right now, she's going to get a little shut eye.

Five seconds later, the afternoon bell awoke (Y/N) with a jolt and a drool trail. Quickly fixing herself up, she searched for the clock on the wall that hadn't moved since she first saw it. It took a moment to read the blurry lines while wiping the marks off her cheek, but she wasn't even that surprised to see just how long she's napped. Probably not the smartest thing to do during her first day at work, sure, but it's too late. This school was draining. "Holy crap it's already three thirty."

Taking a few more moments to rub the sleep out of her eyes completely, she didn't hear the pitter patter outside her door. Kanae slammed it open with a joyful good afternoon, and the unprepared nurse almost toppled out of her seat. "Are you ready to go meet the students? They were all talking about you!"

"Ah... were they? Good things I hope." Shit did they find her tumblr-

"They all want to meet you, especially after what happened at lunch. You really made a name for yourself!" With a bright smile, she took her hands to deliver a bright grin. She knew this woman would be a perfect addition to this school! A just and kind woman always willing to step in and help, how lucky that they were able to hire such a capable lady. "Come, I want you to meet my siblings!"

Excitedly, Kanae dragged her victim out to the chemistry classroom. Most of the teachers leave right after school unless there was a meeting in the staff room, so the classrooms were all accessible to students until the school closed. A bundle of them grouped by a table, watching one girl with a butterfly clip work on something. By her side three familiar girls cluster around the table to stare with interest. "Shinobu, are you sure we won't get in trouble for this...?"

"Of course I am, what's that dull counselor going to do about this? It's B.cereus, he can't exactly dump it in a trashcan." The formerly named Shinobu snapped the latex gloves against her wrist before lifting a small petri dish to the light. "See that, girls? We just successfully mutated a drug resistant strain of bacteria! Easy, isn't it?"

"Shinobu! How was school today?" Despite (Y/N)'s increasing alarm, Kanae seemed to not even hear whatever her sister just said. Just how much money was this school funded to be able to provide these experiments in clubs?? What kinda club was this???

"Kanae," The high schooler set the plate down, turning to her beloved sister. With her hair pulled out of her face and a delicate expression, anyone could tell they were siblings. The younger of the two seemed to have a little more of a firm look on her face, however. "It's good, how were your classes? Hopefully no one is giving you trouble?"

"Oh don't worry! All the students are kind, you know this!" She waved it off with a bright smile, recounting the student's love and respect for their favorite Biology teacher. She was the only one, but you get the point. "Shinobu, I wanted to introduce the new school nurse to you!"

"Ah, is that what they were building in that empty room? Glad they're putting it to good use." The young girl nodded and held a hand out to (Y/N). She glanced over at the little decorated nametag and smiled softly. "I'm Shinobu Kocho, I hope we can get along, Ms. (L/N)."

The maturity of the girl surprised her a bit, but after looking at the freshly created superbug behind her innocent smiley face, she wasn't too sure. The senior seemed to notice her sideways glance and cooly blocked her line of sight. Well, a 'superbug' was probably an exaggeration. "Yes, I do too."

"Miss, I didn't know you were a nurse!" The three little girls crowded her legs, eyes glimmering with awe. That's cute, did they want to be nurses when they got older? "Does that mean you have access to antivirals?"

"Ahahahaha no. I'm not supposed to administer medicine." Although with all the bottles stacked up in her cabinets, she really isn't sure if that's even a real rule here.  "Why do you ask, kiddo?

"They want to start a pharmaceutical club for middle schoolers, but the board won't approve of it." Kanae explained, standing up and smiling. "Want to continue on?"

"Sure," She didn't think the school would put so much effort into their clubs, but they must have quite a budget. "How many clubs are we going to visit?"

"Most of them are busy, but there's a tennis club run by Ozaki, volleyball club managed by Susa Maru, archery club from Yahabu, student council, the shogi club is popular since the twins Muichiro and Yuichiro won a championship recently, and a think a few students are trying to advocate for a cat's cradle club after a student named Rui won a contest, but they can't find enough members." She hummed, listing the most popular off the top of her head. Since the minimum requirement for a club was ten, there were plenty of smaller clubs too. "But! I want you to visit one of my favorite clubs when I was in high school!"

"Oh? Was it one of the ones you listed?" Maybe handicrafts?

"Nope, flower arrangement!" With a bright smile, She continued to drag her new friend down the hall. "The biggest club among the student population, actually!"

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