Just Omelette Me Die

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Fluffy and fragrant bread rolls cut evenly down the center lay home to a bed of springy Yakisoba noodles. Fried to perfection, steamed cabbage jut out from various angles to give every bite a satisfying crisp crunch. With a layer of Margarine to prevent the airy loaf from soaking in too much of the tangy, rich sauce, the beloved street food had ascended beyond a quick meal and became a masterpiece worth savoring. Topped with a heavy helping of red pickled ginger and sprinkled liberally with some seaweed flakes, the smell alone was enough to make stomachs sing their desires. Faced with the true meaning of life, (Y/N) took a single bite of the carb-heavy treat. Flavours of umami and heaven danced along her tongue, and she held back a happy sigh. "This is the most wonderful thing I have ever offered my tastebuds."

"Some students say they have god's tongue." They were employed when Kanae first started highschool as assistants, but they rose through the ranks and took the top spots. "All the food in this town is super delicious, I can recommend a few places!"

"Really? I look forward to it." With a grin, (Y/N) took another bite of her heavenly meal and She followed suit with her own homemade meal. "Wait, we were going to talk about something, right?"

"Yes, Giyuu." Spurred out of their foodie wonderland, the biology teacher leaned forward to hear her complaints. It wasn't as if she hated her co-worker, but there was always something so entertaining when listening to people rant about any little problem. She wasn't a gossiper, but she did love hearing all about the drama around the school. Like the social butterfly she still is, listening to people talk and their sides of the story was her bread and butter. After years of mastering this art, she's come to recognize certain social cues in order to get an even more in-depth understanding of what's going on around her. "You looked like something was on your mind, was it something he said? Did?"

Racking her brain for that short conversation, she glanced up at the eager woman before her. "Well it wasn't that big of a deal, I've just had no time lately, so I wasn't able to unpack and prepare a new outfit. I came here only three days ago, with two of them mostly taken up by my work and cleaning."

"I can imagine." Nodding solemnly, Kanae leaned back, matching words with what she heard from Sanemi. He wasn't one to lie for the most part, so either she was intentionally acting like the argument wasn't as big, or she was hiding something. "He's very strict when it comes to rules, even rules that aren't even written."

"He is! I mean I washed everything so it's fine, but if he has such a problem with wearing the same thing twice, how about he wear something other than that tracksuit? Or like, tear down the whole school because everyone's wearing literal uniforms?" Her eyebrows creased in annoyance, a twinge of anger spilling over into her words. Having confessed her aggravations, she grumbled and leaned back in her seat. "Or maybe it was the leaf, but that wasn't on the front..."

"Leaf?" How did a leaf fit into this?

"Yea, I dropped my keys in the riverbank and when I went to fetch them, I guess a leaf got stuck on my skirt. I dunno if he thought I slept in the creek or something, but he saw the leaf. Was nice enough to at least brush it off." She waved off the topic and Kanae hummed softly.

"Well, Giyuu does have trouble getting along with people. He wants to befriend others, he is just a little bad at reading the mood." Her laugh was awkward, unsure how to phrase Giyuu's complete lack of social awareness in a soft manner. "But nevermind that, We're girls! C'mon, tell me! Are you dating anyone? Looking to date someone?"

"Dating? Nope." (Y/N) deadpanned, balling up the wax paper her meal came in.

"That was quick. You're really not looking to date?" Well, neither was she, sure, but still... If both of them had nothing to tell, how could they fill up their lunchtime? "Hm, did you date anyone before you moved?"

"Yea, but they never lasted long. My job took a bunch of time, so I never really had the emotional capacity to have to deal with someone else too." Twisting in her seat, she tossed it into the trashcan beside her desk. "That and I guess I get into relationships too fast, so they don't work out that great in the long run."

"That so? Well, I can't say anything different. I grew up with everyone here, so it's hard to find someone to date because I see everyone as a friend." Their problems were the polar opposite, but they shared the same sentimentality. "Where are you staying, by the way? I haven't heard a lot about anyone moving out."

"I moved in with my cousin. He's working as an assistant of some sorts at the Sakkaku clinic, it's about a mile and some down that way." She gestured to the general direction of her stay, somewhere farther south of their school. "How about you?"

"My sisters and I are close by, probably only a five mintues walk or so." The houses around the school were a bit larger than the others, so it's safe to assume her income wasn't coming from just her job. Maybe Shinobu or Kano have a part time job?

"Do your sisters work?" She couldn't imagine Shinobu taking up a regular customer service job, which was typical for students. From first impressions, the girl was a little too... cynical for the job. Was cynical a good word? And Kanao felt a little too quiet for the job, but those were just first impressions, maybe it was different?

"My sisters don't, my parents do." There was a slight hesitation in her voice before continuing. "They work overseas. But the Sakkaku clinic, huh? Ms. Tamayo is a lovely woman."

"Yes, I can't thank her enough for letting me stay, it beats finding a house myself." Especially so quickly. She's just lucky for the massive coincidence that happened, the timing was so orchestrated that she couldn't even keep up. "Kinda wish I got a place for myself though, it's awkward being in a stranger's house."

"You'll grow into it, I'm sure that you'll come to love your home!"

Unfortunately, Kanae's prediction wouldn't come to pass.

Once the day ended, (Y/N) made sure she had every single thing that she brought before rushing out. She had to get back to the clinic as fast as she could and hope that her lil cousin got a day's worth of some weird amnesia or something. She could only beg the gods that he wouldn't make a big fuss about her day's disappearance, but god has better things to do. Pausing for a moment, she took a breath to collect herself before her ass whoopin. Ass whoopin delivered by a little teenage punk, that was the worst part. Reaching for the door's handle, it swung open to reveal a pink, angry gremlin. "(Y/N)!! Where the fuck were you, damnit?! Why didn't you answer your phone?!"

"Yushiro! Get back inside!" A hand tugged him back into the house, but he shooed his dearest Lady Tamayo's hand away, stepping outside to face (Y/N) properly. The poor woman was powerless to stop him, leaning against the wooden frame of the door as Yushiro snatched his impudent cousin's collar to shake her as hard as he could. It wasn't even enough to make her waver, but he didn't give a shit, he wanted answers.

"Hey! Don't cuss! And I'm fine, stop yelling at me!" Her words were not helping, anger visible in the vein on his forehead and the catlike slits his pupils became, a trait she swore he never had before, but had no time to question. "I just spilled some water on my phone, why are you so annoying about it?!"

"You shut up, you don't even know what's going on here, you don't- You don't know anything!" His voice wavered slightly, eyes drifting to her bag for a moment before up at her with a face she didn't recognize. Teeth bared, the gleam of canines caught her attention, and then the sharp vertical slits of his pupils. His grip tightened for just a moment but just as suddenly, went limp. There was a fraction of a moment where their sights locked, and she saw how hazy his was getting. Tamayo screamed just before Yushiro collapsed to the ground, and (Y/N)'s eyes widened.



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