I Put The Yeet In Emotionally Unstable

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"There's a little rumor about the Flower Arrangement club. I don't know if it's true or if it was made just to entice people into attending, but if you offer a bouquet of flowers you grew yourself to the one you like, they are almost guaranteed to say yes." Kanae nodded to herself, recounting many blushing couples who've come stumbling about the hallways after a flower confession. "It's such a romantic way to be confessed to, don't you think?"

"Huh, so there are rumors like that in every school. There used to be a rumor that if you confess under a blooming tree, they would say yes almost all the time. I really wouldn't know if it was true or not." (Y/N) glanced outside the windows towards a greenhouse. Christ they really had everything. "Is that it?"

"Yep, they used to have an agriculture course a really long time back, when even those outside the city came here. Other schools opened up outside so they don't cross through anymore, but I think you can still go on a few of the trails. Most people don't, the paths are fading too much to be very reliable." She used to be the president of the flower arranging club, so she has lots of knowledge and knowhow of the history of her club. "They were going to take it down, but some students opted to keep using it. That was the beginning of the club."

"Wow, and the school board just allowed it right off the bat? They're pretty chill. Most schools I went to killed off all creativity and hobbies in children to mass produce worker drones for large profit." (Y/N) fixed her white coat so it wouldn't brush against the plants that lined the outside of the large greenhouse full of blooming plants. "It's nice to know they care so much about the students. In some ways more than others." Other schools or other ways, well, you could argue for both.

Opening the door, Kanae ushered her into the greenhouse, and (Y/N)'s quiet gasp was all it took for the biology teacher to know she was impressed. Flowers of all shapes and sizes bloomed from pots that lined the walls and covered every feasible square inch. Racks upon racks of sturdy shelves held rows of plants and hung lights from each layer, garden hoses extended across the entirety of the greenhouse, little holes allowing water to drip into each pot as unused strips became places to hang items. Studentsfloated from place to place, checking the condition of the stems and leaves, or snipping off pieces of plants. "It's beautiful, isn't it? The club's members carefully tend to each one from seeds."

"That's amazing... do they always flower like this?" She brushed her fingers against the petals of a yellow flower, admiring the speckles of orange in the center.

"If grown with care, the soil here is slightly alkaline and has an abundance of sulfur from the hot springs. All the elements promote beneficial bacteria, and the water's minerals also help the plant's increased development." A young girl with a bit of a frown on her face carried a basket of tools, trying to get the two adults to clear the aisle so she could set the heavy cargo down outside. "The sun also shines for a majority of the year, and our rainfalls are really heavy when they come. It's why the wisteria blooms all year round."

"Aoi! Where's Kanao?" She clasped her hands together, tugging the confused school nurse back towards the entrance. The aisle were too cramped to just squeeze past with that basket. "Is she out back?"

"Kanao? She's with Koyuki and Hakuji, they wanted to pick up flowers to press for the handicrafts club. I think they are making bookmarks." The young teen shifts the basket in her hands, a testament to its weight, and Kanae quickly moves to take it from her hands. She must be used to some heavy lifting, because she carried it like it was nothing. "They're heading over right now with the other members, so I brought out some extra snippers for them to choose what flowers they want."

"Flower bookmarks? I haven't made those in years!" She reminisced, shifting the basket on her hip to tap her chin. "It's a good way to use extra flowers at least."

"Koyuki? Hakuji?" Were those other students? (YN) opened the door for them to exit the greenhouse, not noticing the little group of students before her.

"Yes?" One of the taller students spoke up, hands entwined with a soft looking young lady. His expression relaxed after noticing her nametag, and he gave a respectful bow to her. Woah, what a little gentleman. He wore three black bracelets on his wrist, along with a firework ring that matched the girl's. Were they a couple?

"Ah, the married couple! I heard you came by to gather some flowers? Go ahead go ahead! And use flowers that would be easy to press flat." Kanae offered up the tools, and once everyone had adequate snipper tools, they were admitted into the greenhouse, leaving a girl with a familiar butterfly hairclip design. "Kanao~! How are you? How has your day been?"

A little startled, the shy girl fidgeted for a moment before nodding softly. Kanao was a little on the quiet side. She never spoke that much, but she was a good student and many of the teachers and students liked her hardworking nature.

"She's my little little sister, and she's taking my role in the club as president!" The proud big sister sung accomplishment after accomplishment, and (Y/N) was almost jealous. Damn, why couldn't Yushiro be a good kid too? She had no one to show off, man. "Both my sisters love their clubs, and they attend almost every day, so I hope you can get along with them!"

"Yes, as long as it's outside the infirmary." (Y/N) smiled softly, noting the end of the tour. They only managed to visit two, but she wanted to explore the town and maybe eat out for dinner. "I'll be sure to explore plenty later, but I should head back home soon."

"Yes, be safe! And get home before nightfall, I heard that there's been a few attacks at night." (Y/N)'s already had a run in with an attack, all right. She'll keep it noted, but she won't be so gullible next time, so there shouldn't be too much worry.

"Yea, don't worry about me. Thank you for the tour, Kanae, I'll see you tomorrow!"

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