You've Really Tattered My Tots Now

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Balancing the branch of blooms by the open windowsill, (Y/N) listened to the sound of cheerful greetings of the students outside. The lights stayed off since she hated the drone of the fluorescent lightbulbs, instead opting for the open windows to bring in sunlight. Accompanied by the scent of wisteria, the atmosphere in the darkened nurses office was rather comforting.

"I'm sorrryyyyyy!" A loud apology startles her awake, and lazy eyes shift upwards on the all-too energetic boy she knows to be Tanjiro. He's Giyuu's target today, it seems. All the other students are used to the ruckus by now, staying far out of the wooden stick's stretch. Few bother to watch the spectacle, but his friends actively encourage him. Is... Is that a good thing?

After getting used to their loud shouts, her attention shifted to Aoi, who, minus the few bandaids on her legs and arms, looked as if nothing had happened at all. That was enough to soothe her doubts about keeping quiet. Sitting back in her seat, she kicked the wall, spinny chair circling around to face the expanse of her desk and a huffing history teacher at the door. "Oh, Kyojuro. You look like you ran here, are you good?"

"Yes, I'm fine! Your brother Yushiro sure packs a punch, however." Rolling his jaw in remembrance to the hit, he stood straight and gave a hearty chuckle. This response was not to the benefit of (Y/N), who shot up at his words. She knew her lil cousin was a little socially inept, but straight up punching someone?! Recognizing her concern, he waved it off with a grin. "It's nothing I can't handle, don't worry, but did you not go home yesterday? They were very concerned."

"Wha- well, yea, I got caught up with something, but that doesn't matter right now, sit down. I'll get you some ice." She wobbled over to the ice chest to take out a small ziplock bag wrapped in a paper towel to press to his cheek. "Shit, I'm sorry about that. He usually doesn't... punch people. He's not a violent person, I swear."

"No, I don't blame him. I would be worried if my family disappeared too." Taking a seat on one of the cots, he thanked her for the bag and pressed it against his left cheek. "Yushiro mentioned that he couldn't contact you at all, where were you, if you don't mind me asking?"

(Y/N) thought about it for a moment before shrugging. "I just crashed at someone's house, wandered a little too far and got lost. That's it. Sorry you had to deal with my cousin."

"No, you don't need to apologize, but I really advise you go home today." His smile still warm, Kyojuro stood up and gave her a nod. Silently, he set the bag of ice by the little table before departing. Left to herself, she groaned. Well that's a way to deliver a message. Yushiro is going to kill her when she gets back. Lifting the bag of ice, she jostled it in her hands a few times before depositing the cubes in the sink and the bag in the recycling.

With her imminent doom looming just over the horizon and her phone still recuperating in the bag of rice on her desk, her only source of entertainment became the window. Most of the students have already filtered into the school, the remaining people already broke into a jog to slip past the gate before it shuts and classes begin, so her people watching wouldn't last much longer.

Her attention shifted lower, down to the bunch of flowers that sat before her. From her first floor perch, she couldn't see the gazillion other flowers just like these, her line of sight cluttered with houses and various other trees instead. It's difficult to imagine a blockade of flowers even existed, but that could be because any flowers she's tried to grow have died within the first month of her care. To have blooming trees year round must be pretty though, she couldn't imagine how it would look in the winter.

Following the chime of the school bell, class began for the students and teachers of Kimetsu academy. Above her, muffled instruments played various notes while outside, the students in gym began to line up. Finding a new object to pour her boredom into, her eyes settled on trying to recognize any of the students among the class. One kid stood out because of his three black bracelets, and she racked her brain trying to remember his name. "Ka... Hu... Ha... Hakuji! Yea, the kid married to that girl, Ko-something..."

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