A Bottle Of Rosé Might Not Keep The Doctor Away But At Least I'm Drunk

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Kyojuro felt that her question was out of place. They didn't get a lot of visitors, much less people who settled down in their city, but he certainly understood that those who did have drastically different folklore. A lot of people who grew up within the borders of the wisteria would yearn to leave their little enclosed ecosystem, and many would move out into the world, visiting once or twice to brag about how life was and things like that, how mundane Kimetsu was compared to the hustle and bustle. The wives and children they bring would comment once or twice on their 'interesting culture' and how 'unique' their heritage was, but none would have a true keen interest. It would be a breath of fresh air for the outsider to have such an intense interest in what did feel to be a most intriguing history, but this felt like something different. It didn't have the same curious innocence, but more of an interrogation.

"Demons. Do they exist?" Her question changed again to something more forward and unorthodox.

"Well... I doubt they do. I wouldn't say we have any stories of demons, hearsay... but maybe... There's one that I can think of. I don't remember how it went. It's less folklore, however. Are you sure you're really interested?" Strong biceps folded over one another, calloused fingers drumming gently across his muscle as he pondered. His head tilted to the left, following the trace of his bright eyes. Perhaps she was paranoid at this moment, but her stare followed his, peering behind her to search the shadows for some inhuman face that just so happened to look like someone she knew. But there was no twisted growl, no snake-like eyes that seemed to tear through her flesh in a manner indescribable. Her head swiveled again, locking with his own worried gaze. "I'll tell you on the way home."

"I know the way now, you really don't need to-"

"I just want to take a little night time walk."

Her lips pressed to a crease, following his lead to walk back. His presence was welcome, but if not for the lingering scent of fabric softener, she would have completely forgotten his presence. "You have very light footsteps."

"Do I? I wouldn't say that. A lot of the people here walk even lighter than me. They can really sneak up on you." Kyojuro's smile, as infectious as it was, was lost on (Y/N). Sensing the tense atmosphere, he cleared his throat, moving on to the prior topic. "It's not really a story, and if you ask a lot of the older people in town, none of them would tell you the same thing.. The only thing they would have in common is that it happened."

"What does that mean?" (Y/N)'s voice was more of a hushed whisper, quiet in a way that the walls themselves would have heard if she were any louder. "What happened?"

"I wouldn't say it was a demon, but the first missing person case. I want to say it was six decades ago? Some people wouldn't consider it to be the first case either, because he was the only one to be found again." It was a generic little ghost story or the like. There were a few more recent additions to the folklore around town, where he heard in passing of the school halls, whispered by spooked students and echoed until the whole town knew of the supernatural happenings. But this was perhaps the oldest, despite not being very well known. "He was possessed by the moon itself, who envied the sun's warmth. The boy was sickly and weak, a child hidden in the shadows his whole life. Alive perhaps more by his own will to live rather than his failing body. His skin as pale as moonlight from his lack of sunbeams, this boy was the perfect target for the lunar being. They lay in wait for the perfect moment to steal the child for their own wills. On the day of a total solar eclipse, Kimetsu bathed in the moon's quiet darkness. As candles lit the streets in tiny sparks of light, he who couldn't even stand managed to escape into the forest. Overjoyed by it's success, this moon continued to steal small children and lead them into the forest, away from their futures and their lives. Yet too short willed were these children perhaps, to carry the weight of a moon's hatred. They were found scattered about the peak of the mountain, torn apart by feral animals."

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