I'm A Child Of God But The Devil Gets Me On The Weekends

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"How have you been? I haven't heard from you since-"

"I'm fine." The seventeen year old coldly replied, shifting the boxes in his hands to adjust them to a better position before he turned to continue walking down the strip. "I didn't think you would be coming so soon. I was hoping you wouldn't come at all."

"Auntie shoved everything along. Oh, she wanted you to call her and say how you were doing." (Y/N) shrugged her bag higher up her shoulder, taking a few of the packages out of his hold to help him. They weren't that heavy, but carrying so many up the hill? That certainly wasn't something a recently ill patient should be doing. But he didn't seem tired in the slightest, so she was at least glad he was healthy...? "And what's with all the boxes anyway?"

"I was taking them back to the clinic." Yushiro answered, not bothering to reply to her first comment. He simply didn't want to talk to the woman that abandoned him after all. Well, that was dramatic, but it sure felt that way. If she wanted to know how he was, she could visit herself, but he knew that woman wouldn't bother to carve out the time for such a thing. "Do you even know where you're going?"

"Nope. This kid that ran a bakery a while back gave me directions in the form of a riddle." She turned to glance down the slope, gesturing towards the vague direction from which she came. "I had no clue where I was supposed to go, got totally lost."

"Hm." He wouldn't mention that he volunteered to do the deliveries today just to avoid her. How the heck did she get over here anyway? If she just went straight up, she would have been closer. "Sounds like a you problem."

"Well now it's a you problem. Where are we going anyway?" (Y/N) shifted her stuff into her opposite arm, reaching forward to mash her fist on the top of his head. They weren't particularly close as cousins, and the only reason she really came here was for the job offer, but she still cared about this rat. He was family, and only a few months ago he couldn't even stand. "You shouldn't be doing such strenuous work."

"Hey, I'm perfectly healthy! Lady Tamayo cured me!" He swat her arm away, growling at her as if that would intimidate anyone. Certainly not (Y/N), who's seen him trip over nothing and bawl his eyes out when he was a baby. "I'm more healthy than you, you're sweating like a cow!"

"Oho! You may be healthy, but keep speaking like that and you won't live long, kid!" She had a reason to be so out of breath, okay? Her energy is running on half a rice krispy bar and thirty minutes of sleep on the train, so cut her some fucking slack. "Who did you get those horrid manners from, huh? Who taught you to be a pain in the ass?"

"You did." He scoffed, quickening his pace to get away from his older cousin.

"Exactly, so show me some respect." (Y/N) rolled her eyes, hurrying beside him as he turned sharply down one of the alleyways, following a small, tricolored cat down one of the walkways as it balanced on the top of the grey brick. (Y/N) ducked under a low hanging branch of a japanese maple that extended out from the backyard of one of the houses, pausing to admire the plethora of plants that spilled out of the walls before turning to follow him towards a building with the sign that read Sakkaku Clinic. Yea, she really wouldn't have found this on her own. "So this is where you are staying, huh?"

"And sadly, you will be too. You should be lucky Lady Tamayo made me set up a room for you." He opened the door, turning to retake his packages before pausing. "Actually, is that small bag all you have?"

"Hm? No, I have a box or two of stuff, I mailed it. I'm not stupid enough to lug all my shit up this hill." (Y/N) passed the boxes over, entering the clean and neat clinic that she would be residing in from now on, but she didn't get the chance to look around as Yushiro laughed out loud.

"You're stupid."


"No really, you're stupid." He set the boxes down beside the counter, dusting his clothes off before turning to her to explain. "Only paper mail can be sent all the way through the town, boxes and stuff are left at the outpost on the main road. You're gonna have to walk back down and drag your stuff up here anyway."

(Y/N) stared blankly at him. Well no wonder he was carrying those boxes. "Fuck... Okay, where is it? Do you guys have a car I can borrow? Or any sort of transportation that isn't just walking?"

"Running." He grinned. Do those streets look very vehicle friendly? Rarely anyone had cars, and the main road that cut through the wisteria grove could only take smaller automobiles and bikes. Besides, it was used mainly to import and export goods.

"Well screw you too." (Y/N) rolled her eyes, pulling out her phone to check if she had any service here so she could look up the directions. Thankfully, unlike at the train station, she had enough bars to search for the mail location. Of course, how could she forget the three missed calls from her aunt. "And can you call your mom? She's been pestering me this entire time."

"No way." And with that, Yushiro disappeared to go do whatever it was away from her. Annoyed, she huffed and went to go fetch her shit. She should be lucky it wasn't a lot of stuff, seeing as she was renting a room above the clinic and not having to fill an entire apartment. Well, at least she's getting her steps in. Besides, it didn't seem like this 'Lady Tamayo' was here yet. (Y/N) hadn't met her before, but she knows that the doctor contacted Yushiro's family with a cure for their son's wellbeing when nothing else was working. And when Auntie mentioned that a certain cousin was planning on taking up a job offer at the school in town, Tamayo offered up some housing, so she really isn't sure what that lady is up to.

Was she just a nice woman with good intentions? Who knew...hopefully that's the case anyway.

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