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"So this place is called the town of swordsmen for a different reason from all the dojos?" A history lesson on the town really wasn't what (Y/N) was going for today, but honestly? She's vibing. He's a really fun teacher, and the time passed quickly, even while carrying a large box back to the clinic.

"Well, sort of. Back hundreds of years ago, there was a really popular type of sword style, characterized as something called 'sun'. It was so well known that samurais would come here to be trained, which is where the village name comes from. This used to be the training ground, but as the art started to die out, other styles surfaced, not as powerful of course, but they took root to keep at least bits and pieces of the sun style alive." He explained, carrying one of her boxes with ease. "Nowadays, most people haven't heard of sun style, but there's plenty of others, and fighting with swords is probably one of the most popular forms of martial arts here, almost everyone does it."

"Mhmm... what about the other town? The one known for its hot springs yet it's called Town of Swordsmiths?" She nodded towards a stranger that walked by with her dog, letting the happy shiba sniff at her leg before their owner tugged the leash away. "They forged the swords? Do they still do that?"

"You catch on quick! It's not as integrated in the town's culture for various reasons, but blacksmithing is still practiced by a lot of the residents and passed down to younger generations. Actually, students who've mastered a style here often commission a sword made by them. Real of course, but they aren't used often. They're more like trophies. Some people get really specific weapons suited to them. One of the students at our dojo got a sword that was almost like a whip! First I've ever seen something like it, but it suited her well, she loved it."

"Really! What about you? Do you have a sword?" She bets he does. He's the son of the dojo owner after all, and the fact that her first meeting with him was right after his sword training? He's probably got one.

"Yes I do, I got my first sword at thirteen years old." He seemed proud of the fact, but it was a rather impressive feat. the average age that people got their swords was about fifteen to seventeen after all. "I still practice swordsmanship with a wooden sword, however. I only use the real one on special occasions!"

"That's actually really interesting. So you mastered it at thirteen? Impressive! Does that mean you can teach it?" She paused in front of the clinic, setting the box down and thanking him for his help, even if she stayed to listen to him more.

"Well, the first sword doesn't actually mean much, only that you know how to use it correctly and safely." He still enjoyed her compliments, but he couldn't leave her with half the truth. There were plenty of people who gained their sword, it really wasn't something she should praise so highly, even if it felt nice. "But! Being gifted one and having it custom made does indeed prove a great deal of skill to the owner, I got that one a few years ago!"

"Oh? And how do you prove that you're worthy?" Not that she would ever need to know, honestly, but seeing him get so excited while he taught was like watching a kid explain a videogame they really liked. It was fun.

"There's two ways, win fifty consecutive duels or win first place at a championship tournament." He hummed. "I went the second route."

"Ah, so you won a tournament... Wait did you say duel-"

"(Y/N)!" Yushiro slammed the door open, startling the crap out of said person. She turned back to see (the guarddog) Yushiro pissed as hell. She would have halfheartedly apologized for loitering or whatever it was he was mad about if he wasn't glaring daggers into the man beside her. "Get inside!"

"Huh?" She wasn't given the chance to know why he was so damn angry before he yanked her inside and dragged the boxes into the clinic, slamming the door on her new friend's face. Astonished, she could only stare at him return to the back as if he didn't just potentially fuck up her chances of getting a GPS. "Hey! What was that for, you gremlin?!"

"Ow! Let go! Is this why you got fired?! Did you mistreat your patients?!" He groaned, trying to pry out of her death pinch on his ear. He would have swatted her face, but another voice cut through the petty fight.

"Yushiro! What are you doing?" A woman, beautiful and elegant in form and nature, her lips small and painted delicately contrasted against her pale, pale skin and her dark brown hair pulled back with a purple floral pin. She looked like a woman from a painting. Smiling at the newcomer, large purple eyes creased softly to indicate her genuine feelings of joy. "It's a pleasure to meet you dear, please call me Tamayo."

"Nice... Nice to meet you, Miss Tamayo. Thank you for letting me stay here, and for saving my idiot cousin." She nodded, letting go of his ear as he hissed at her for badmouthing him in front of his crush. Tamayo was much different that what she imagined, but to be honest, from her aunt's connotation, Tamayo was supposedly a cradle snatcher; a cougar who liked young boys and snorted cocaine out of every orifice possible in her free time. She should have known it would be way different than that crazy woman's active imagination. Instead, the lady in front of her was the picture of grace and elegance. "Can I ask, how did you do it? No doctor could figure out what was wrong with him."

Her little cousin glowered at her, a hand ready to attack yet again, but Ms. Tamayo answered without any hesitation. "Of course, the problem was not the illness, but just his body. I gave him a powerful steroid to help him recuperate, and with a stronger body, he's healed himself."

"Wow... I've never heard of such a drug that could make such a difference in less than a year." (Y/N) muttered, looking over the boy that she last saw in a hospital bed hooked up to machines. "That's amazing, can I see it? How did you make it? Why don't you publish your findings? If it can strengthen the body to such a degree, can't that be a way to elongate life?"

"No!" Her voice raised so suddenly that (Y/N) quickly silenced herself. She didn't expect to see Ms. Tamayo lose control of her emotions so suddenly, but just like that, her sudden outburst disappeared without a trace. "It can only be used in certain conditions. To be honest, it's still in testing. And... I would like no one to know about it yet. Not until I know for sure that it is completely safe to use."

"Yes, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten ahead of myself." (E/C) eyes quickly found their way to the floor, bowing apologetically as Yushiro clicked his tongue quietly at her.

"Yushiro, if you could please show her where she will be staying...?" Tamayo touched her forehead, eyebrows creasing softly as if a headache arose suddenly, and even if he turned to help her instead, she shooed him upstairs with the boxes of belongings. He didn't seem very pleased that his Tamayo time was being cut short, by his cousin of all people too.

"This is your room, that's the bathroom. The clinic downstairs is open from eight to ten so live like you are dead, and don't go in Lady Tamayo's room or I'll throw you out of the second story window. And! Don't! Bring! Guys!" He shoved her into her new room with each punctuated word as she processed the information. The first door on the left is Yushiro's, second on the left is hers, while the first room on the right is Ms. Tamayo's room and the last door in the center is the bathroom. And don't bring guys.

"Wh- Do you think I sleep around or something? I'm not gonna bring guys!" (Y/N) smacked the top of his head. How dare he hint at such things!

"Then who the heck was that weird dude outside earlier?!" Yushiro griped. He knew that guy actually. The firstborn son of the Flame Dojo, one among many eccentric characters in this quiet town. He knows that he won the summer festival's tournament a few years back before he came, but he's never actually met the guy. He's decided from their first impression not to like the weirdly colorful character. "Don't bring guys and don't sully Lady Tamayo's home!"

"You little asswipe! I'm not gonna 'sully' shit! Get your brain out of the gutter!"

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