Tears Are A Great Moisturizer

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(Y/N) rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, trying to force herself to wake up before she had to leave and meet her GPS guide at the bridge from yesterday. "Tired..."

"You should have slept earlier." Yushiro rolled his eyes, munching on his toast and jam at the small coffee counter. Like a good little simp, he was making Tamayo her morning drink. Apparently, she works on making medicines till the late hours of the night and also doesn't wake up until the last minute, so (Y/N) didn't knock on her door out of respect.

"I did, actually. I got nine hours, but I still feel miserable." And the only reason she got so much sleep was because she really was pooped from the journey and all the drama that followed her arrival. "I should have come the day before yesterday... Then I could just spend the rest of the time in a comatose state."

"Too bad for you." He deadpanned. Yushiro stood up, wiping the crumbs off his fingers and taking the cup of freshly brewed coffee and a small pack of food or something to bring to Lady Tamayo. With that, she was left alone to fend for herself. Well, not really, because she too had to leave for work. Cleaning up after herself, she hurried to grab her bag and leave for her first day of work, but was halted by the voice at the top of the stairs. "And come back immediately! Don't stay out late at night, (Y/N)! I mean it!"

"Yes yes I hear you." (Y/N) waved it off, saying her goodbyes and good days before shutting the door. Well, she can see where his mother's genes kicked in. "I'm a grown woman, why the heck is a seventeen year old giving me a curfew?"

"(Y/N)!" A cheerful voice called to her, and her mood lifted instantly. It was Kyojuro, the first mutual she's met in her twelve hours of being here! Turning to him, she was surprised to see him mounted on a bike. Right, cars weren't very practical when it came to this city. The four modes of transportation were walking, biking, tram, and train, but the train only ran between the two cities. "Good morning, Ready to get to work?"

"Yes, I know the way too! Don't worry about me, you go ahead!" She didn't have a bicycle to keep up with him, so how could she slow him down? It wasn't that far of a walk anyway, so he didn't need to worry about her getting there late.

"Nonsense, I promised to show you the way." He grinned, throwing a leg over the seat to walk towards her and slip a hand under her bag. She didn't let go, and instead, he just used the strap as a leash to bring her closer to the basket on the front of the bike. "Here, put your bag in here, we can bike together."

Sure, but where would she go? Certainly not on the handlebars, she's done that once when she was young and it was a mistake. There wasn't an extra set of pedals either, so he would really be taking only her stuff. "I don't see how this would work..."

"It'll work, sit on the back!" He gestured to the spot behind his. It was Senjuro's seat back when he attended elementary school. Senjuro has his own bike now, but he didn't take the seat off, and he's glad he didn't. "I promise you'll be fine."

"Right..." (Y/N) bundled her calf length skirt in front of her legs so it wouldn't get caught in the spokes, hesitantly sitting on the rickety little platform as he hopped back on the bike. With a sharp push of the wheels, they took off a lot faster than what she was expecting, especially for an uphill climb. Her body jolted forward, and she counteracted the movement with a slight lurch back so she didn't topple out of the flimsy red seat. Bumping her back with his, she let out a soft apology before getting used to the pace and the breeze that tangled her (H/C) locks. Thankfully, he didn't seem bothered in the slightest, simply pedalling faster and without issue. Hell, at the speed they were cruising, they might make it in five minutes rather than the thirty on foot.

The school was located a little to the east of the center of the town. For them, who lived in a slightly commercial district, they lived pretty close by, really only needing to go around or through a few neighborhoods to get there. Buildings slowly separated, giving way to small gardens and fenced backyards. It was a quaint neighborhood, not completely awake yet due to the early morning. As teachers, they needed to get there earlier than the students. She needed to be there to meet the others, and he needed to plan the class schedule. Although unbeknownst to the school nurse, he would be the cause of at least a third of all the injuries she would soon be swamped with. His classes were extra rowdy!

Turning the corner onto another street, the school came into view. Painted cream with a green roofing and surrounded by the eight foot tall gate, it looked pretty average. She doesn't know why she felt a little disappointed to learn this. Well, it was an odd town, she expected something a little more... uh... unique, perhaps? "Good morning, Giyuu!"

"Kyojuro." The man acknowledged, and she peeked out from behind the broad shouldered wall. The man guarding the front gate, also known as Giyuu, was the school counselor and gym teacher. Clad in a blue tracksuit with a single white strip, piercing dark blue eyes bore into her soul. His voice was calm and cool, like the waves of a lake lapping against her calves. "Who's this? There is no unauthorized access allowed, even if it's by your request."

"Um, it's nice to meet you." She waved, peeking down to look at the bamboo sword he held in his hand. That... was decoration, right? He wouldn't use that on anyone. It wasn't a real sword or anything, just a shinai. It couldn't severely injure, but still, that would certainly leave a bruise. "I've recently been employed as the new school nurse."

"...No unauthorized access. Trespassers will be dealt with." He raised the wooden sword, and her eyes widened. Holy crap he was actually gonna hit her, holy crap this bastard was actually going to hit her! Quickly, she shuffled her body behind her brick wall of a friend, her head just barely grazed by the bamboo weapon as Kyojuro reached out to stop the fake blade. Thank god for reflexes, that couldn't have ended well for her. "Kyojuro, don't stop me, I won't condone any violation of the rules."

"Now now, Giyuu. Don't scare her away, the parents petitioned to bring her here for the health of the students!" Kyojuro hopped off his bike, letting (Y/N) slide off with her jelly legs and hide behind his muscular frame, away from that madman.

"Yea! There's no violation of the rules, I literally work here!" She hissed from behind her meat shield, clutching the sleeve of his white shirt as she snatched her bag and dug around for her papers. "Look, I'm employed at the Kimetsu School, it says so right here!"

He snatched the papers from her quivering hand, glancing between the black and white print out photo and the woman who was currently behind the other teacher. Giyuu read over the contents carefully, before handing her the papers. It seems that wouldn't be the end of it, however. He circled them to look for any discrepancies in her outfit or anything he could nitpick, but from the skirt that went past the knees to the longsleeve turtleneck and sparse accessories, she followed the faculty and staff dress code to a T, as you should to make a good first impression. But (Y/N) really didn't think that this crazy man cared too much about first impressions. "... Continue."

She was left flabbergasted. He really swung at her and didn't even bother to apologize? Really! Don't tell her he did that even to students! Ah, her brain gave up. Turning to enter the school grounds, she stared blankly ahead of her, unsure of what to look out for now. "R-right..."

Would she really be okay here?

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