Dead Inside But Still Oddly Horny

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The walk to the post office was much easier than her journey through the city at least. Most of it led her across the mountain rather than down and up the slope, and it wasn't spent chasing after a thief, so she could enjoy her time and get used to the city streets. Most of the buildings here seemed to be businesses; from restaurants to insurance and everything in between, and a lot of dojos. Like, a lot of dojos, She's already seen three entirely different ones just on her walk through town. Pausing to admire a poster on the window of one of them, she hummed softly. Seemed they were on the lookout for some students... "Are these all sword training?"

"Yes, they certainly are! Although each dojo has a certain style that they teach!" A boisterous voice called from beside her, and (Y/N) lurched back, raising her bag above her head to be ready to beat up whatever assailant was trying to steal her items this time. In front of her stood a grinning, shirtless man, a lively gleam in his dual colored eyes as he stared at her offensive position. "You got some fire in you, hm?"

"Oh shoot, sorry." She quickly lowered her weapon, bowing a soft apology towards the stranger. He didn't look like he came to steal from her, actually, he just came out of the building she was eyeing. From the looks of it, after a good workout. Sweat dribbled down his perfectly sculpted chest, pausing at each dip and curve of muscle to catch the light of the mid morning sun. Thick biceps and deltoid muscles flexed as he reached up to pull a thin t-shirt over his herculean build, pectorals stretching the fabric at his chest as the rest of the dark material hugged his body in such a tight, form fitting way she could have guessed it was his second skin. The vibrant dual colored hair that spilled down his trapezius muscle framed the sharp features of his face, and from his sly grin, she could tell she stared a little too long. "Did I disturb you?"

"Not at all! I'm glad to see a new face, we hardly get them here." As if to tease her, he leaned forward, a hand perched on the window on her left to come closer. She could almost feel the heat that emanated from his skin, and the stranger tilted his head, admiring the red twinge in her cheeks. "So? Are you here for a free trial class? I'd be happy to teach you."

"No, I'm just passing by." (Y/N) turned away, biting her tongue hard enough to help quell her blush, or some fraction of it. "I was looking for the post office is all."

"Post office, hm? Do you need to pick up a package?" He pulled away once he had a nice dose of her reactions, crossing his arms to watch her fumble to grab her phone and check the map. That wasn't a great idea. The thing about this town is that there were a lot of smaller walkways that would pass through streets and roads, so the fastest way to get places is usually just to know all the shortcuts and pedestrian crossing beforehand, as they didn't show up on the map.

"Yea, I didn't know packages only go to the post office..." She glanced down the main road, drumming her fingers against the phone case before slipping it away. "But it's a pretty nice day out at least, and I get to explore the town a bit."

"Well, as fun as exploring is, I'm sure a tour would be better. I have some free time, so may I show you an easier path to the post office?" With his kind offer, (Y/N) of course couldn't refuse. She didn't need to get lost again, and she really was too tired to waste any time. With her agreement, his smile widened, and he set off in completely the opposite direction she was going. "I never caught your name, you are new here, yes?"

"(Y/N), I moved in with some family today for a job offer." Confused, she turned to follow him back up the hill. "And you?"

"Kyojuro Rengoku, twenty-five years old! Call me Kyojuro, I work as a history teacher at the Kimetsu school!" The blonde-redheaded man turned back to look at her, pausing to wait before another pedestrian and bike crossing. Now that she looked closer, it seemed to be a grassy stream that ran between two rows of houses. "If we cross this stream, it's a much closer path than going on main streets."

Walking forward to check it out, she leaned over the edge of the concrete platform to peek into the waters. Shallow and clean, they ran with barely any sound over the variety of rocks in the shallows. While there weren't many trees surrounding the area, grasses grew tall and small wildflowers dotted the landscape. "Wow... Does this run all the way from the peak?"

"Yup! There's quite a lot of natural springs at the top of the mountain. Both rain and ground water run down multiple canals to feed the crops at the base." He explained, standing beside her to gaze over the dugout. It really wasn't anything too impressive, everyone grew up with those creeks and many of them weren't happy with all the bugs that flocked to the waters at particularly warm seasons, but seeing her awed expression did seem to make it look a little brighter. "Did you grow up in the city? These are common around town."

"Hm? Yea, something like that. I just didn't get to go out much, Too much studying and stress, and then too much work and stress, so I just threw everything up and moved in with some family at a new job!" She motioned her tossing everything from her past life up into the air, tests and homework, her graduation papers, her resumes, her shitty past relationships, her horrible work schedule, all of it! Gone! "Actually, speaking of that, you said you worked at the nearby school, right?"

"Yes, I'm the history teacher." He confirmed, very proud of his role in the educational system. He's worked there for four years, and is a beloved icon in the school among many others. With his hands-on learning approach, no one has a bad grade in history! Nothing that comes out of this man's mouth is boring, even the most mundane of topics can and will be taught in a fun and exciting way for his students to enjoy!

"I'm actually going to be working there starting tomorrow." (Y/N) grinned at him, turning to hold her hand out for a handshake. She hasn't properly introduced herself yet, has she? Well, he'll be her coworker, so maybe she should do that. "(Y/N) (L/N), also twenty-five years old. I'll be your school's nurse, so pleasure to meet you!"

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