In My Defense, I Was Left Unsupervised

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While she was quite literally saved by the bell, (Y/N) was forced by her own hand to promise her time afterschool to go check out some of the clubs that students participate in, and meet a few herself. School had only started a few weeks ago, so many students haven't found their clubs yet, but quite a few already have. Why? All the students are required to join a club lest they be forced on the cleanup schedule. Who made this ridiculous system? Giyuu, of course! Annoying. But most students didn't really see this as an issue, seeing as there was a diverse variety of clubs that ranged from art to sports to gunslinging and crafts and even sight seeing, which, from what she's read on the club synopsis, is just a club that window shops downtown. There didn't seem to be any end to them. As long as they had ten people and did something, they were fine. Which also meant that there were a lot of clubs and not enough club rooms. Thankfully, meetings weren't permitted to gather in the nurse's office, for obvious reasons. "Dang... I kinda wish I was a student here."

"No you don't." The swath of a blade curved an arch in the air before landing snugly in the hands of a tall student who stood outside the door of the nurse's office. Snapping the switchblade shut, two students sauntered into the room, looking around in awe before flopping into some of the beds against the wall. The Shabana siblings, Gyutaro and Ume, got comfortable, chatting loosely about where they would go for lunch and arguing a bit over what would be good while completely ignoring the new teacher seated at the desk across from them. Okay, rude little shits.

(Y/N) glanced at the clock. It's only been something like three minutes of first period, they probably aren't injured, seeing as they waltzed in and took over the beds like it was their room. "Alright what the heck. Aren't you two supposed to be in class?"

They glanced over at her, obviously annoyed with this outsider that butt into their conversation. The girl was exceedingly beautiful, and she seemed to know it very well. She fit the conventional standard of beauty to a T, smooth, poreless skin with large, lime green eyes and curved crescent lashes, her hair faded from white to a gentle green and fell to the small of her back. The boy, she couldn't say the same. Seemingly malnourished, his complexion was sickly and the clothes that should have fit snugly on his frame were loose and baggy. Wild black hair cut sharply to neon green at the crown of his head. The stark contrast would have been alarming if she gave a single fuck. Note the if. Unbothered by their piercing glares, The young girl was first to speak up and answer in a tone as if their reason was as obvious as the color of grass. "We're skipping class."

At least they were honest about it. "Can you not do that here?"

"We were here first. You can leave if you're bothered by us." LIfting her nose, she turned back to her brother with a triumphant smirk, but if she was waiting for a compliment, he wouldn't give one to her with strangers around.  This room, before it's remodelling, did in fact used to be the room they would camp out in to avoid going to class. They managed to steal the key and would break in regularly, into that little oasis. The older of the two nudged her foot, frowning a tad as she turned back to the tired nurse to add something else to her statement. "And don't even bother trying to figure out what class we were in. We aren't leaving, this is our room."

"Riiight, well then, can you at least move towards the windows, just in case someone hurt does come in?" (Y/N)'s work in emergency care has taught her to not bother fighting with these types of people. They'll just dig their heels and annoy everyone around them. "What are your names?"

"We just said-"

"Ume." The senior shot her a look before grinning mischievously. What the hell was a nurse going to do? Everyone in school knew their names. They were the trouble children after all. Always have been. "Gyutaro and Ume Shabana, you'll do well remembering them."

"Gyutaro... and Ume." With some clicks on the keyboard, she pulled up their records and additional medical history, but their files were blank. Odd. Well, they were right there. Might as well fill it out. Printing the forms out, she stood up to get the fresh sheets and a clipboard each. "Fill these out when you can."

Once again interrupted, Ume glared at the older woman and refused to even look at the sheets like a kid throwing a tantrum. Alright. Fine. What about the other kid? He at least glanced at it, but deemed it to not be too important.

Returning to her work, she made sure to check out the other student's files to make sure that they had everything, before going around to scout the room and it's wide array of supplies. From medicines and injectables and even suture kits, each cabinet held a surprise. Seriously, what the heck? What type of school nurse was she? All this stuff looks brand new too, what school had this money? She spent the rest of the school day trying to count up how much dough this would have taken as the two siblings played around in the corner before disappearing once it was lunch, leaving two crumpled, but mostly completed medical forms.

They didn't actually make too much of a mess thankfully, besides a few ruffled sheets from their random pillowfight and argument, so she fixed everything up and left to go check out the school.
Lunch time for students was spent all around the campus, some would stake their claim on the rooftops, others would find their places on the benches under trees or in the courtyard. The lunchroom was ruled by three young women, lively and sweet, and by the smell that drifted through the room, were wonderful cooks.

"Ms. (L/N), good afternoon!" An oddly, stickily sweet voice called for her, and she recognized it to be one of the three kids she met a few hours before. The little blond one, what was his name? Oh!

"Uh... Monitsu, right?" She snapped her fingers, positive that she got it correct. It's what the angry boy referred to him as, even if it was kind of a weird name. "How's your head?"

"It's great! I have a thick skull, s-so I'm okay!" He seemed to ignore the fact that she used the wrong name, but at this point, he seriously considered legally changing his name to Monitsu. "Thank you for standing up for me, no one does... especially against Mr. Tomioka."

"Aye, that's not right. Seriously, don't tell me he hit other students too." (Y/N) crossed her arms, glancing up at said teacher walking towards them.

"He does! He's so mean, does he not have a soul?! My head hurts just thinking about him, you know why? This is my natural hair color, yet he keeps telling me to dye it! Dyes are against the school rules so he'll just wack me for dying it, and I've tried to reason with him, but he won't listen to me! Totally unreasonable! Totally unjust! Totally abusive! Totally crazy!" Monitsu rambled, not even noticing the way (Y/N)'s eyes raised and tried to signal him about the person's presence.

"No yelling indoors!" A swift hit knocked the poor boy forward, and (Y/N) could only watch him hit the floor.

"Didn't you just yell that?!" His muffled cry was ignored as the Gym teacher strode past, glancing at (Y/N) for a meer moment before continuing. She only glared at his back, seems he learned nothing. Kneeling beside the kid, she helped him up and pat his back.

"You good?"

"Oddly enough, I'm fine. He didn't hit as hard as he usually does." Monitsu mumbled, eyes blank as he too continued on.

With a dumbfounded expression, she watched him trudge down the hallway to join his friends. Not that this would be the last she's dealt with these insane residents today, not even fucking close. The thundering sound of a student breaking the 'no running in the halls' rule forced her to draw a deep breath. Don't look, it doesn't concern you...

"Are you the school nurse?!" three young, worried girls raced towards her and gripped the end of her sleeve, a desperate look on their face as they panted. She really, really wanted to deny them.

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