Eat My Ass, Spirits

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She didn't have any exact map detailing where to go, or any destination in general. This walk was just to try and clear her mind, or process all that she's seen today, which was truthfully, a lot. When's the last time so much new information was crammed into that little brain of hers? Finals? Something like that. Well, she won't be tested on this at least. With a moment to herself, (Y/N) could finally just enjoy the beauty of the town in full. The sun set behind the mountain, staining the sky in a cacophony of warm colors, rooftops glowing fiery orange and trees casting large wavering cutouts against it's clear background. Kimetsu was a peaceful city, quiet during the day, silent at night. Perhaps if she left earlier, she would have at least seen a few students wandering around to hang out with their friends or get a bite to eat after dissociating in a classroom all day.

The shops lining the roads began to one by one close their doors and turn off the lights but she paid them no mind, following the dim road down the hill. Sometimes people forget just how large a town is when not sitting in a car or walking with someone else. Or maybe it was just her. Thinking back on it, there was rarely time for her to leave the house. Most of her youth was spent holed up at home. (Y/N)'s head leaned back, observing the dusting of stars that began to glow above her. This was nice too.

Despite the dark sky and the echo of her cousin's eventual anger in her ears, she carried on to the edge of the city where old wooden fences separated the town from the trees. Hanging blooms reached for the earth in dark spires, and she reached up to caress one of the branches that hung closeby. As pretty as they were, she doesn't have any recollection of any purple flowers in the club greenhouse. She could guess that the townsfolk found them to be more of a nuisance than a plant at this point, with how quickly they spread and grow. The only reason they didn't completely wipe out all the wisteria was because of the loose rock. The fast growing roots kept everything stable and decreased the chance for landslides or erosion. "Still, other than that, It is very pretty."

Picking the branch of blooms, she waved her wand-like bouquet a few times to shake off any excess pollen. It can temporarily decorate her room until she finally manages to unpack her stuff. Speaking of her room, it's time to head back, it's getting chillier. Glancing at her phone, (Y/N) sighed with relief. There wasn't any missed calls, so Yushiro probably wasn't too mad. He understood that she was an adult free to do whatever she wanted! It wouldn't take too long to head back either. She knew the way back home, the only difficulty was trudging up this damn hill.

Maybe it was the silence getting to her, but halfway to her destination, a chill ran through the air, as if a cold mist had suddenly settled over this part of the town. Her hair stood on end, every muscle in her body taut and on high alert. It didn't make sense as to why this would happen so suddenly, but she knew she heard something. Inching backwards, she heard it again. The thud of bodies. An all too familiar sound to her. Her feet dragged her through the narrow passageways, tall compact buildings looming far above her, closing in inch by inch as she sprinted to the creek on the other side. Lost in the rustle of the reeds, (Y/N) stuffed the flowers in her bag to fish out her phone and turn on it's flashlight, revealing two people in the creek. "Hel-help!'

While his hair seemed neat, thoroughly brushed and pinned behind one ear, his clothes tidy and pristine, the black shirt with a few gold buttons and his striped pants clean and pressed, The growls and snarls he made were anything but, clawing at the young girl beneath him. The young girl held the man by the neck, doing her best to keep barred teeth away from her. Before (Y/N) could even blink, she found herself sliding down the creek's bank. "Get off of her! What the fuck?!"

Her hands took a fistfull of the man's black and burnt sienna hair, yanking them back into the stream. Her phone tumbled out of her hands, landing into the waters as the flashlight's rays marbled in the water, barely illuminating the face of this crazed man. Bloodshot eyes almost red, the man heaved and twitched, shaky hands and slurred speech worsening the longer they stared. His voice still guttural and ripped, he could only mutter words that she didn't have the brain capacity to decipher at the moment.

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