Someone's Gonna End Up Crying. Probably Me

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Were students as strong as teachers here? She didn't expect to find young girls, probably only in their first year of middle school, able to drag her down the halls. The second those students saw her nametag with occupation labeled just below it, she didn't get a say in what would happen.

The three girls, Sumi, Naho, and Kiyo, did just start their first year at Kimetsu Middle School, yes, and it would also be the first and last year that they would get to be in the same school as their Senpai, Shinobu! Which meant that they most definitely had to do good things at the school to impress her and get headpats and compliments from the smartest one in school! Really, they didn't actually have to, Shinobu was more than happy just to see the trio. Still, they didn't want to be a burden! And that is why they would do their first act of good and prevent the math teacher from murking a student! "Mr. Shinazugawa might throw another student out the window again, and the bushes on this side of the school haven't grown in completely yet!"

"Huh?!" She shouldn't be surprised by anything at this point, but damn. "He's thrown kids out the window before?! Isn't this the second story?!"

They didn't answer her, tossing her into the door that separated the students from the classroom. From what she could see before she nearly smacked her face into the window, the teacher really was getting angry at a student. And if he had a record of throwing people out of windows, she would need to step in and calm things down, but what was this even about? (Y/N) leaned against the door, hand loosely settled into the handle to open it if needed. "...The school year just started, you already failed a math test, and you have the gall to ask me if you can go all the way out of town for a shooting competition for an entire week?!"

She gasped as the white haired teacher smacked the taller student's head with the crumpled papers in his hand. "Brother, I just..."

"I don't want to hear it! At this rate, you're going to fail high school and redo a year! Do you want that?!" His voice raised higher, loud enough that she didn't even need to press her ear against the door to listen. The students in the hall turned to the commotion and shot the boy a few concerned glances, but no one made any effort to do anything. It wasn't as if they were all dismissive assholes, but more of the fear for their own hide. She agrees, but she's seen worse.

(Y/N) slid the door open and the teacher's sudden outburst boomed throughout the hallway, catching more than a few shocked stares. The three girls only watched from the window as the school nurse walked in. Suddenly, they felt as if what they just did was not such a good idea.

Turning towards the intruder, Sanemi loured at the fucking punk that dared interupt him. Sure, he was not even close to the favorite teacher in the school, but people at least knew not to cross him. Except the newcomer, the damn outsider, the new school nurse who just moved in. "What do you want, huh?"

Ah, she got ahead of herself. She had no part in this, why did she even step in? Welp, too late now. She's in here, and it would make things even worse if she just dipped. "I heard yelling. What seems to be the problem?"

"Nothing that concerns you, get out of my classroom." His voice spiked, but she only blinked, not actually feeling much hostility. Not like with that damn Tomioka. Was he actually angry? She couldn't exactly tell at this point, he sounded annoyed, but his posture and manner spoke the opposite. Relaxed hands, calm breathing, he didn't seem like he was really mad. On the other hand, the student, although much taller and rocking a sick ass mohawk, seemed terribly frightened, like a nurse's first run in with a ticked off patient.

Squatting down, she picked up the flyers that fell on the floor, then the sign up sheet with his name written on the form. "Gunslinging competition. Ah, there was a club for that huh?"

Lighting up, Genya nodded. He was the best sharpshooter in their club, and many of his teammates vouched that should be the one to attend and win the country-wide competition. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like that would be happening anytime soon. Not only would the entire tournament take place a long ways away, his grades in math weren't the best, and there was no way his brother would allow him to leave for that long, even if all his grades were good. "My clubmates wanted me to go and bring back the trophy. The sign up is due tomorrow, and it takes place in a few weeks."

"But he can't. He needs to stay here and stay in school. Gunslinging won't get him anywhere in life." The math teacher added extra emphasis into his last sentence, and (Y/N) stared blankly at the student's family name. Shinazugawa. That's familiar. Looking up between the two, it clicked.

Oh. Ohh... No wonder. Well, that makes the solution a lot easier, doesn't it? "Mr. Shinazugawa, you're his brother, right? If he has bad grades in math, why don't you go with him and tutor him? It should be easier to teach him one on one, right?"

The classroom fell silent for a few moments as they shifted their attention to Sanemi to search for any hesitation. It was... an okay idea, right? "...Then who the crap is going to teach math at school?"

"...Right." Ah, well, that was a problem too. She sort of forgot he was a teacher for a moment.

"Hm? (Y/N), there you are." Kyojuro grinned, glad to find her... getting along with the other teachers...? Or not. "Sanemi, is there something wrong?"

She held the flyer sign up form up to him, and he hummed softly in thought. "Oh, you want to accompany your brother to his competition? Why didn't you say so? Don't worry about the substitute, I know someone who can cover for you!"

Kyojuro understood the importance of brotherly bonding after all! He had a younger brother himself, and while Senjuro's main interest was reading, he would wholeheartedly fuel his little brother's hobbies. Sanemi, with no excuses for himself, finally agreed. It would give him a chance to mash the quadratic formula into that kid's brain. "...Right."

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