Back On My Bullshit? Ha! I Never Got Off!

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"Yes, I know Auntie." A woman crossed her legs, peering out the window of the train to gaze upon the fields that surrounded her destination. Most of the land outside of the district was used as farming and agriculture, but the inner city would be her new home. "I'm sure he'll be fine. I'll tell him to call you when I get there."

"(Y/N)! I don't trust that lady! I don't care if she's his doctor!" Her aunt screeched over the phone, and she could imagine the woman slamming her fists against her coffee table, or whatever unlucky surface was producing the aggressive banging noise in the background. "Why did they need to take my poor baby away?! 'Relocate' my ass! Why did he agree?! He doesn't even respon-"

The rant was cut off by a beep from her phone, and (Y/N) glanced at the message that appeared. No wifi, huh? She stuffed it back into her pocket, sighing and leaning back against her seat. Thankfully, she was the only one in the train, so it would have been the perfect time for a light nap and catch up on some well needed sleep, but before she could even close her eyes, the announcements chimed above her.  "Next stop, Kimetsu."

The steel locomotive that fed into the city was one of the only ways past a thick barrier of flowering vines, which quickly swallowed up the view from the windows with a forest of wisteria trees. Her jaw dropped, and she rested her head against the glass to watch the purple blooms pass by. "Woah..."

Finally, the trees broke away, revealing the quaint city nestled past the wisteria. From what minimal research she did, the city actually had a wisteria problem since the resilient plant flourished in the sunny town and quickly spread around the outskirts. While the plant was dealt with inside the area of the city, the maintenance gave up when it came to the gorgeous infestation that surrounded it since it was outside the city's jurisdiction. Rather than getting rid of all of it, they just prevent it from spreading to the crops outside or the land inside. Because of the constant pruning and upkeep, there was only one train station that connected the city to the outside world, and they only came in the morning or late at night. As a night owl, it would have been easier to take the night train, but she needed to get there before her stuff did.

Shuffling her bags over her shoulder, (Y/N) stood and moved to wait by the doors, gripping the pole to keep herself stabilized as the train slowed to a stop and opened its doors to the empty station. Lugging herself off, she took a moment to look at her surroundings. The station sat at the edge of the wisteria groves, giving her a rare sense of tranquility. It would have been better if her cousin could have picked her up though, seeing as she didn't know how to get to his place, but nice to know that he was still a little pain in the ass.

"Alright, alright... I know the address, so it should be fine," she lied to herself. "I mean, I'm not completely lost or anything. I can just ask around!"

Exiting the station, she made her way into the winding streets of the town. She should be thankful she only brought the bare minimum and not all her stuff on the way up, it would have been a hassle dragging everything over there. The town itself resided on a mountain and was split into two villages spread inside of the wisteria ring. She knew that the one she was in currently, and the place her cousin resided, was the Town of Swordsmen and was the larger of the two, circling most of the base of the mountain. Higher up on the other side of the hilltop sat the Town of Swordsmiths, and from what she heard, they had great hot springs. But relatively, she had no clue where she was. Somewhere downtown? Who knew? "Hey lady, are you lost?"

Pivoting on her heel, she turned to face the man that seemingly appeared out of thin air, long hair tied in the front with two ribbons, bloodshot eyes, and a sweater to top it off. He didn't seem that trustworthy, to be honest, but he offered help. "A little. Can you point me to where the Sakkaku Clinic is?"

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