My Birth Stone Is Crystal Meth

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(Y/N)'s eyes transfixed on the bloodied limb, she could only watch in horror as Tamayo washed away all remnants of her wound and covered her arm. "Is that evidence enough?"

She didn't listen, however. She only dealt with one of those fucking demons before, but she wouldn't run the risk of it happening to her cousin. "Yushiro. We are leaving, we are leaving right now..."

"What?!" He gripped the mat he sat on, refusing to move. "I'm not going anywhere!"

"(Y/N). I understand you must be alarmed, but I won't cause you or Yushiro any harm." She bowed deeply, but no one wanted it. "But for the sake of Yushiro, you cannot take him away from here."

"What, are you going to track us down or something? I don't want to hear it from a monster like you!" The eyes of that man, the animalistic growls of a crazed person, she isn't going to risk it. Yushiro was obviously shocked at her statement. He was expecting her to react much more positively to all this, after everyone labored for so long to find a cure for him. But, if she's already encountered one... Is that why she didn't come back the first night? It makes sense, but then this plan all backfired.

"(Y/N)! Think about this logically, how am I even going to get out of here? The entire mountain is surrounded by wisteria, and I can barely stand the sun! If anything goes wrong even a little, I'll relapse!" He gripped her arm, trying desperately to calm her down before she did something rash. Irritability and reckless behaviors ran in their family, you see. "She's not like those other ones, okay?? I promise, just trust me!"

"Other ones...?" Tamayo's eyes widened, her quivering lips covered by trembling hands. This was a mistake, they went about this the wrong way. "You ran into one of the demons?"

"Yea, no fucking shit! And I'm not about to just get cozy with one of them, especially after they essentially trapped you in here, dammit!" Her anger unparalleled, Yushiro shivered. It was almost like looking at his mother. Recognizing that face, she quickly reeled herself back, but the boiling heat still circulated through her whole body. "Fine. Fine. I'm not mad, okay? I'm not mad at you."

"Ms. (L/N)... I'm terribly sorry. I can't apologize enough." Tamayo fell too the floor, her forehead low enough to touch the ground. Locks of hair swept across the floor as Tamayo lowered her head farther, flush with the cold tile. Yet even then, the chill heat of (Y/N)'s glare felt colder than dry ice. It was impossible to hide the entire truth from someone who would be living in their own home, but they had hoped to feed her the news gently and slowly so she wouldn't get as mad, but if she was already attacked, wasn't that a useless endeavor? They were just blatantly lying to her while expecting her to not know any better, was there anything more insulting?

"You better fucking be. I don't care who you are, or who you claim you are." She stood in front of Yushiro, despite the miniscule chance that she would win a fight against a demon, she just couldn't accept what had become of her only cousin. "We let Yushiro come here because we thought he was getting cured, but if you're just going to use him for your fucking experiments-"

"I promise you, I only wanted to help him. If he hadn't gotten a sample when he did, he would have died. I'm sure you realize that." She will admit her fault, but Yushiro was not just an experiment.

"Oh really? Then where's the actual cure?" (Y/N) held out her hand, waiting for her to respond. Of course there was no cure, she's sure Tamayo didn't even think of a way to cure him. She must have thought that saving him was all they needed. What a fucking joke. "What will help my cousin instead of just managing him? If he's fine like this, then you must have had the time to find a way to save him so he can live out whatever life he wants away from here."

"I haven't..."

"Yea? Well start finding it." Anger was not her favorite feeling. She hated confrontation, but she hated being tricked even more. Tamayo wasn't allowed another word, because the door had ended the conversation without any waste. Her temper red hot, she needed some outlet. No way was she just stagnating in the house of a demon. Sure, if later in the future she were to think back on this, Yushiro would look happy to be here. He had no issues, but it still was just wrong. Even despite being in her empty room populated by nothing but a few boxes and some clothes strewn around, her anger would not fade. The silence deafening, it dragged her to the window to climb out and fetch her bag for a nighttime walk.

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