God Loves Ugly, Barbie Doesn't

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"My! He tried to pick another fight?" Kanae Kocho, the biology teacher, quickly bowed to apologize for her student's behavior. "I'm sorry, that must have caused you a lot of distress! He's always attacking people out of the blue..."

"No, it isn't your fault. I'm fine, thanks to the School Counselor. Sorry for bringing you trouble." Great, she couldn't leave this rascal with such a nice person! She must be up to here from dealing with it all. Sensing (Y/N)'s moment of weakness, Inosuke broke free of her grip, dashed into the classroom, opened a window, and launched himself out of it, all while screaming 'freedom' at the top of his lungs. The poor nurse could only stare incredulously at the place he last stood, wincing at the undeniably loud sound of a boy landing into some bushes, before bowing towards the woman in front of her. "I'm so sorry."

"Oh don't be! He's a very free spirit, it's good for kids!" Laughing as if that crazy idiot didn't just throw himself out of the second story window, she shut and locked up the evidence. Besides, those bushes were planted there for a reason. "You must be the new nurse, (Y/N) (L/N)?"

"Yes, I just started today." Said woman nodded, fixing her new coat to be more presentable towards this beautifully put together teacher. She reached a hand out for a simple handshake, hoping that she didn't look too much like a mess after those morning fiascos. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Kocho."

"Oh, there's no need to be formal with me, I hope we can become good friends! Here, let me introduce you to the others." Taking her hand, Kanae gave it a soft squeeze and dragged her out of the classroom to the room beside hers. Really, she dragged (Y/N). The biology teacher was a lot stronger than she expected!

"Hm? Kanae, did you need something?" A head of white hair caught (Y/N)'s attention. While she expected it to be some old man, who stood before her was actually quite young, maybe even the same age as her. Sharp eyes donned long lashes, and upon closer inspection, three scars crossed his features, leaving slightly discolored streaks across his face. Arms crossed over his chest, she also noticed the unbuttoned shirt that left a decently sized gap, a titty window, if you will. "Who's that?"

"This is our newest school nurse! Say hello!" Kanae pulled her up in front of the math teacher, letting go of (Y/N)'s hand so she could introduce herself.

"Oh! Hello, nice to meet you. I'm (Y/N) (L/N)." Her introduction was short and sweet, really rushed as she was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. With a soft wave of her hand, she gave him a half grin. He stared down at her with a piercing gaze, one that sent a shiver up her spine. "I'm... the new nurse..."

"Sanemi Shinazugawa. Nice to meet you." He nodded, his body a little stiffer as he turned to the blackboard to resume his work. He didn't seem too interested in the new staff, or maybe he was just busy with other things. Her eyes followed him even as she was paraded out of the room. Kanae dragged her to the next teacher, who didn't let them in. Obanai Iguro, the chemistry teacher, was then left in the dust. With that, their journey continued.

Kanae rapped her knuckles against the next teacher's classroom, and (Y/N) immediately noted the scorch marks that seemed to extend out from the door. Odd, didn't they already pass the chemistry teacher...? Yes, they did, actually. He didn't greet them, but she knew for a fact that the guy with a snake-like voice was definitely a different person from the dude that opened the door. With a wash of a cold breeze, the man sporting a hoodie and blingy jewelry snapped his gum. "Sup."

"Good morning, Uzui! I came by to introduce our new nurse!" She dragged the reluctant (Y/N) forward, shaking the woman's sleeved arm out of excitement for the new addition. "The school finally let us get one!"

"No shit? Wow, it's the real deal! Never thought they would finally cave!" He grinned, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe to extend a friendly hand. She would ignore the fact they talked about her occupation like two kids who finally got a puppy after years of nagging. "Uzui Tengen, I'm the art teacher."

"(Y/N) (L/N)." She nodded, shaking his hand. He had a firm grip to him, but her focus was on the busted wall behind him. No wonder there was a breeze... Actually, was that the first problem she had?? Has her brain already given up trying to rationalize this school's eccentric population??? Weakly, she could only smile at him as Kanae quickly took her for the next introduction. "Kanae, how many teachers are there?"

"Hm? Well... Technically eight, but for the extra curriculums, the staff would help! Things like home ec or cooking class aren't done by us." She beamed, willing to help out her new colleague. They very rarely get new teachers, much less outsiders! Oh, she's so excited!

"Is that so? Guess that makes sense." (Y/N) nodded, continuing to gather information on the school, mainly the student population. While it was a combined middle and high school, there weren't that many students or teachers. It was a small town after all, so she would be surprised if it was big. Boasting only about an average of 60 children per grade, they were all split into two class types and have block schedules to make use of the teacher shortages. Most students would grow up to leave the town or to work in their family's business, not many were very willing to work as a teacher. Or at least, that's what her new friend mentioned.

Thankfully, the next two teachers were already in the same classroom. A very large boulder of a man kneeled beside a scrunched up teacher collapsed on the floor, and (Y/N) drew in a shallow breath. Kanae didn't even seem to notice, marching in with her new friend in tow to show off. Coming closer, (Y/N) could faintly hear the whispers of trouble from the balled up music teacher. "He's so tone deaf, I can't take it... How could any one person's sense of hearing be so terrible? Is this some form of divine punishment? Did I commit some grave sin in my past life?"

The behemoth of a man rubbed his rosary together, as if silently praying for this young man's sanity. Coming closer, actually, wasn't he blind? Seemed like it, but he was extremely perceptive, turning to the two who've just entered. Based on the footsteps..."Kanae, and someone I cannot recognize..."

"Yes, (Y/N)! This is Gyomei Himejima, the civics teacher! And the one on the floor is Kyogai, the music teacher, you two, this is the school nurse!" How did this lady have so much energy? Is this the power of a good night's sleep? Lucky... (Y/N) could only reminisce to the time spent in bed. Really, she swears she fell asleep super early that day, but the days prior... well... Debatable.

"If there's a school nurse, she needs to check that boy's ears... is it the piercings? Are those somehow blocking him from hearing his terrible singing voice?" Suddenly, she had a slight clue as to who this tone deaf student could be...

"Nice... Nice to meet you two. I hope we can get along." Compared to the shinai swinging teacher, the teacher with his tits out, and the teacher who managed to knock down an entire wall, they were completely average.

"Likewise, Ms. (Y/N)." Gyomei gave her a soft bow, and she found herself responding, even though he couldn't even see. There was something very calming about his presence, actually. What a breath of fresh air... Thank you for existing, Gyomei. 

They departed with waves of their hands, and she blinked. "Oh, actually, we haven't seen Kyojuro yet, huh?"

"Kyojuro? That's the history teacher. Did you already meet him?" A little surprised, Kanae slowed down a bit to turn to her. With a soft nod, the ravenette paused to think. She seemed a little sad when she couldn't be the one to introduce them. "Hm... did you already meet Tomioka too?"

"Yes, I did in fact. He greeted me when I first arrived." Not kindly, but (Y/N) wouldn't mention that. She wasn't there to gossip or anything. "But thank you for letting me meet the teachers, even if it was quick."

"Oh, no, thank you! I'm sorry, I completely just dragged you around the school! And after having to deal with Giyuu first..." Her eyes showed remorse, as if the second part had considerably dampened her mood.

"N-No! It's fine! Really!" Wow, that guy could force out such a defeated expression even from Kanae? Thank goodness, her dislike wasn't just petty. "In fact, if you could introduce a few more people to me? I want to know the student body better!"

Ah, she just dragged herself into an even deeper rabbit hole, didn't she?

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