Blood And Coffee

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Inspecting the scissors she found slight blood smears across the blades. She lifted the notebook that had a piece of paper sticking out. As she picked up the notebook and the paper slipped out. Red ink caught her attention on the floor and she picked up the paper. The ink drew me in she read one side which said:
I am afraid. I am scared. I love you. Do you return my love. I need you. I treat you bad. You are beautiful.

Beautiful Girl.

She turned the peice of paper and in what appeared to be blood it said:

Leave me alone beautiful girl.
Tori Vega


This had really freaked me out. Where did the blood come from? Does she have a crush on me? Thoughts rushed through my mind. The bell went.


"Settle down." Sikowitz yelled. "Carrying on from yesterday Valentine and Greggs, Oliver and Shapiro, Smith and Mütslêvìçè, Greene and Thompson, Vega and West and Harris and Collins." The whole class groaned except Andrè and Alexia. They both sat gazing into each others eyes as the world passed by. They were so distant that they didn't even notice everyone staring at them. Greggs (who is really called Tom) wolf whistled at Alexia who broke from the trance and immediately blushed and blamed Andrè.

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