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I felt Jade holding my hand sobbing. Yes...JADE. I felt like kissing her and telling her was fine but I couldn't. My mind started to drift off. I didn't want to leave but I had to.

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I looked down to find myself in a green patterned gown. This wasn't mine. I screamed and a woman came running into the room. "Why are you screaming like that?" the old woman asked me. "Where am I? Have I been kidnapped? Is-" I stopped. The most beautiful girl ever had just entered the room. "Tori!" she screamed. "Wh-who are you?" I asked. She frowned and said "Your girlfriend Tori." she said. "Wait...what?" I shouted. She just smiled and said to the old lady "I'll explain." the old lady left the room and the pretty girl sat on my bed "Tori, don't freak out but you had a concussion. Nobody knows what you hit your head on. The police are investigating it but haven't found anything yet. And yes I am your girlfriend." I looked at her confused "So I am a lesbian?" I asked. She smiled and said "Yes Tori"


This was fun. I could tell her whatever I want and she'd believe me! I mean she now thinks we date so why not just kiss her? I lent in and brushed lips against hers. She stroked my hair and pulled away. I frowned "You're beautiful" she said and she kissed again. After some time I pulled away and rested my head on her neck. I fell asleep next to her. I loved the fact I told her we dated. She is so easy to manipulate! I like this game. I want to play more...

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