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Very Graphic.


My dad stood behind Tori. "Invited a guest? Without permission?" My dad asked. "Sorry daddy. I was bleeding. I was scared." He squinted at me. "Ratted me out to the police did you?" I shook my head. My dad walked into the kitchen, I followed like his tail. "I am not going to prison for nothing he said. "What do you mean daddy?" I asked scared for my life. Realizing I was still shirtless he drove a knife deep into my stomach. "That's what I mean" he said with a snarl. I screamed in pain and fell to the ground. I screamed for what felt like forever.


My head pounded but I didn't care I heard Jade screaming. I followed the screams she was laid on the floor covered in blood. Her skin was even paler than usual and she was like ice. "Jade" I whispered. "It will be alright Jade. It's okay." She took harsh breaths "Tori, sing for me," she said. I opened my mouth and sang
He sits in his cell and he lays on his bed covers his head and closes his eyes (sings rest of kiss it all better by he is we) I picked up my phone and within minuets the paramedics and police were here.

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