Nails down a chalkboard

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"Erm... Jade... Your kinda invading my personal space." splattered Tori nervously. Jade edged closer to Tori's face and whispered "I hate you, Vega, so you will back off and stop questioning my authority or I will give your pretty, little teeth a dental check up..."


Her voice went right through me like nails down a chalk board. It made me shudder and want to hide. I don't know why she is such a hater. I don't understand her crazy attitude. How can Beck dissolve her? "Vega... Hello. Do you understand?" I just nodded because I loved my teeth just how they were. Just then the bell went and I heard a hand on the door knob. Jade ran and blocked the door and said in a sarcastic way "Saved by the bell, eh Vega?" She released the door and allowed me to leave.


Tori seemed to carry on staring so I just stared back into those infinitely, gorgeous eyes. How can someone as pretty and as talented as her be so scared of a fat, hideous emo like me? "West. Are you even listening?" Sikowitz asked cutting off what Sinjin was saying. Suddenly all eyes turned to me and waited anxiously for a reply. "NO" I barked violently. Sikowitz pulled his straw out his coconut and gathered a bunch of papers on the side of the stage and picked up two peices of paper.


"Valentine and Greggs" shouted Sikowitz. The whole room fell silent as the same thought was shared between everyone. "Who?" Jade demanded as muttering rose. "Me." said a distant voice. Every one turned as the most handsome blonde boy rose his hand "Me." he repeated

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