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Tori had finally woken up. "What do you mean by your mum did this to you. I thought she was a loving mother." Tori shrugged. "She got angry at me for-" she was interrupted by my dad's car pulling in to the drive way. "Hide in the wardrobe." I whispered knowing how my dad could be. "JADE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" a spine tingling voice shouted. "I'm in my room daddy," I yelled back.


Did I hear right? Did Jade just say daddy? Something is wrong. I looked out the crack of the door. A man stormed into the room. "Jade. Your school phoned. Why aren't you in school Jade?" he asked threateningly. "I-I don't feel well." Jade answered adding a cough for emphasis. "Your lying Jade. You know what I do to people who lie?" he said in a patronizing way. "I don't know daddy." he raised his hand and Jade flinched. I saw her fall the floor and cry out in pain. "Daddy, I'm sorry I-" he ignored her pleas and I heard a deafening crack. Jade yelped she was shaking on the floor whimpering. He kicked her again and again until she was bleeding. He grunted and grabbed a lock of her raven hair and dragged her out the door whilst she was screaming I heard him shout "NEVER SKIP SCHOOL AGAIN!" she yelped and I think he pushed her down the stairs. He ran down and I heard a few more screams. Then I heard a truck leave the drive way. I shoved open the door and ran down stairs. "Jade? Jade?" I heard Jade shout my name. "I am in the cupboard. Don't bother trying to open it. Only my dad has keys." I sank down to the floor. "I won't give up." I murmured.

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