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Andrè was slumped in the corner of the black box theater. He muttered something and threw his new keyboard at the wall. Tori stormed in and Jade followed screaming and waving her scissors around. Trying not to be seen Andrè hid. "Why were you snooping through my private notebook?" Jade screamed furiously. Tori, cowering into a corner, shot back "It was an accident!" Jade raised an eyebrow. "So you 'accidently' opened my notebook and read my private notes?" Tori shook her head and said "No, it fell out... Oh. Why was there blood on your scissors?" Jade went bright red and murmured "Fake blood..." her voice suddenly rose " What did you read?" Tori shrugged and said "Just your horror story notes..." Jade seemed to calm down and said "Vega, sometimes I think you enjoy my torture..."


I shook my head and thought sometimes I think you're right. I confused myself with my thoughts running at 100 miles an hour. Was Jade right? Does she love me? Does she care about me? Did I split her and Beck up? Does Beck know? Do I even like her? Jade stood dead in front of me tapping her foot. "Going to answer Vega?" She repeated sounding annoyed. I tilted my head slightly and said "Huh?" Jade growled,and said "What is Sikowitz's assignment?" I tried to remember as much detail as possible but I just started blabbering about creating a new mobile app for teenagers to pass the time. Jade nodded and said "Better get planning then, eh Vega?" and then strutted off. Do I actually still love her? I asked myself.

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