Tori is that you under those hair extensions?

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"Tori? Is that you under all those hair extensions?" Cat asked curiously. "Yeah, cat. Don't I usually look like this because Jade says-" Jade hissed behind Tori and Cat whimpered and said "Yeah, Tori. Ya do usually dress like that." Jade looked at Tori and smirked. Tori was wearing Jades old clothes. Knee high boots, Pride colored leggings, a metallica dress that was black and purple and wearing Jade's old yellow and black hair extensions. She looked Perfect. "Jade did you tell Tori she was an emo?" Beck asked. "Yeah, what of it?" Jade retorted. Beck raises an eyebrow. "Just because she has amnesia doesn't mean you can change her personality, Jade. I know you like her but-" Jade cut him off. "No Beck. I love her. And she loves me." Jade pulled her scissors out of her belt. "LEAVE OFF" she screamed, as if on cue, the bell went off and she started waving her scissors around and went into the janitors closet.


I dragged my scissors along my arm. Across the scars. Yes, it hurt but my mind hurt more. I didn't notice Tori walk in. I heard her gasp and slam the door shut. I pulled the scissors out of my arm and I winced. I pulled my sleeve down and followed Tori.

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