Nothing Forgotten

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I gave up trying to find Vega. I'll see her tomorrow anyway.

I awoke, showered and drove to school thinking of Tori. Whilst I was driving I got a text. Tori's name flashed on the screen. Can you drive me to school? I smiled and headed over to Tori's place. She gets in the car and I start to drive. The silence is deadly I know she is hiding something. "Jade pull over." Tori says so quietly I can barely hear her. I pull over and give her a confused look. "Jade, I-" She didn't get to finish speaking, I crashed my lips into hers. I feel sparks rise. This kiss meant something to me and her. "Jade I went back to the hospital. Although the burn on my back is still sore they gave me the all clear. And I remember everything." She explains. Stunned, I say "Sorry I lied it is just I liked you so much like almost loved you. Please give us a try." Tori nodded "You don't have to apologize." Tori whispered "because I liked or even loved you since forever." I felt her soft lips press against my own. Becks threat still running through my head. "Tori," I murmured noticing many bruises along her face and arms "who did this to you?" she closed her eyes and murmured "My mum did it,"


I was falling asleep for the first time in days. "My mum did it," I murmured as I drifted off to sleep. I woke up in a black and red covered bed. This wasn't my room or school.

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