You hurt me

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I feel a cold breeze against my stomach. I open my eyes to realize Tori is tracing over the words on my arm I think she sees me moving. "Jade? Why are mine and Becks names carved into your arm?" I feel tears stinging my eyes. "Because, Vega, You and Beck hurt me. You hurt me by being perfect." I stand up ignoring the pain shooting through my body. It is only then I realize I'm shirtless. "Vega?" I ask "Where's my shirt?" she shrugged. "You sound like Ben from Eye Candy when him and Lindy kiss as he says it's not fair because-" I finish he sentence "He's half naked." I say. She looks at me confused. "I watch it for the death ideas I kinda like the paint stripper one." I chuckle. I wait for a response Tori doesn't say anything she is on the floor wearing blood like a dress.

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