The Assignment

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I got home and practically collapsed on the sofa. The door bell went off Ugh... "Who is it?" I shouted too tired to get up and opened the door. I heard a groan and another knock, louder and more aggressive. The door suddenly swung open and Jade walked right in as if it was her own house. "How did you-" Jade smirked and raised a hand to show a hair slide. "You... PICKLOCKED MY HOUSE?" Jade shrugged and said "You weren't answering and I needed to come in to tell you my idea." I was starstruck at the roughness in her voice. "Vega?...." I turned in her direction feeling slightly drowsy "Mhmm.." I mumbled."I said are you okay? You've gone extremely pale." I heard her say worried. I feel the room spin as I fall to the ground.


Tori fell to the ground with a terrible thud. I dropped to the floor where she was sprawled and shook her shoulder anxiously waiting for a reaction. Nothing. No movement. I gathered my strength and slapped her hard against her face leaving a red glow. She didn't respond. "TORI! GET UP IT ISN'T FUNNY. TORI YOUR SCARING ME! TOORRII!..." I scream tears streaming down my face. Unsure who to call I dial 911 "Hello emergency services, which service do you require?" I asked for an ambulance stuttering. "What is the problem?" mans voice asked from the other end of the phone. "My friend, she collapsed." I stammer, in shock. "Is she responding?" the voice asked "No." I say. "Is she breathing?" the man asked. Fear getting the better of me I sink into the corner. "I-I don't know." I sob. "We will be there shortly if you could clear the entrance and driveway we will be very thankful." "Okay." I shuddered. What if she dies? I ask my self. Whilst I park my car halfway down the street I run back to Tori to find the paramedics lifting Tori onto a stretcher. "Is she o-okay?"I ask a man dressed in green reflective clothing. "She is having difficulty breathing and spasms in her lower back. Did you make the call?" he asks. I nod and the tears start again. Why do you even care? You hate her. I thought I hated her but ever since we went on that 'date' I haven't completely loathed her. Maybe even made opposite feelings. Maybe after that 'date' I do in fact Love her. I suddenly found myself clambering into the ambulance with Tori...

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