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"I think I've done it." I say pulling my hair slide out the door lock. I heard Jade fumble with the handle for a while. She stepped out "My hero," Jade mumbled I gasped. "J-Jade your face, your stomach. Your arm!" I shriek as I examine her injuries. Her face was already swollen and bruised. Jade passed out. I was not strong enough to carry her. Blushing I pulled her shirt off to find lots of deep cuts across her stomach none open but many still fresh. But a screw was stuck in her stomach. Yes a screw. I throw her shirt aside and examine her arms. There are scars and cuts all over. "Jade," I sob "Why do you do this to yourself? You don't need to." I sob hard as I kiss her scars. I see words carved into her skin. Who says words can't hurt? (Bad pun I know.) I trace over the words Dyke, B***h, Screw up, whore, Talentless, Beck, hideous, worthless and Tori.

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