Is this the end of us?

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"Beck I-I'm sorry. But I love someone else more. You'll find someone better though. I promise." I tried to explain but my voice was hoarse and afraid. "Don't make promises you can't keep..." Beck said as he stroked my pale skin and left me. Tears threatened to appear in my eyes. Relief stabbed at my heart as the bell went for lunch. I saw the gang all sat in our usual spot eating pizza. I couldn't face them in this state. So I went to the Janitors closet and sobbed my heart out.


Jade messaged me a picture of a girl with red hair and blood leaking out of her eyes and mouth. I shuddered and returned to the conversation "Where's Jade?" I asked. "We argued about 'a secret crush' and then she said it was over and went to the Janitor's Closet." Beck replied saddened by reality. As I got up my friends questioned what I was doing and I said I was going to speak to her. As I opened the door Jade pulled her left sleeve down and took a sharp intake of air. She wiped her tears and sighed. Why did she pull her sleeve down? "Why are you here? LEAVE ME ALONE I DON'T NEED YOU!" she cried. And she started bawling all over again. I opened my arms waiting for her to hug me. She eventually stood up and hugged me and cried on my shoulder. I rubbed her back and stroked her silky hair that smelt just cover and mint. I was sure she wasn't crying anymore but she didn't break away from the comfort. Just then I realised she was murmuring something it sounded like "I hate him" but it was hard to tell. She pulled away from me and said "I DON'T NEED YOUR CONCERNS" and walked away. Leaving behind a black notebook and some scissors...

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