I'm here for you

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"How long Jade?" Tori screamed. Jade shrugged. "HOW BLOODY LONG?" Tori screamed. Jade shrugged again "About six years." Jade mumbled. "Did I know before the amnesia?" Tori asked. "Yeah, ya did." Jade answered, ashamed. "This stinks. IT FLIPPING STINKS! Why can't I remember anything. For all I know my whole life is a lie." Tori shouted through her tears.


I saw Jades expression change. "Tori, it's okay, I'm here for you." Jades words meant everything to me. I fiddled with my yellow and black hair extensions. The bell rang and Jade kissed my cheek and grabbed my wrist with her warm, not sweaty, hands. I went to her house after school. "Jadey..." I begged, knowing she hated the nickname. She winced "What?" I fumbled with the hair extensions again. "Jade can we stop at the hairdressers?" Jade rolled her eyes and mumbled something like Girls will be girls. "Fine." Jade muttered. I squealed "But Jade you have to wait in the coffee shop across the street." Jade rolled her eyes. "Why can't I come in?" Jade asked I stroked her sleeve and said "I want it to be a surprise." Jade nodded and parked the car. She handed me two twenty dollar bills. "I am paying for it." I smiled and went into the hairdressers.


Where is she? She's been gone an hour and twenty minuets. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and read the text it was from Beck. I read the text and the words rang in my head. I put my phone on the table I time to see Tori walk in her hair jet black with blonde streaks. "D-do you like it?" Tori asked I nodded and bit my lip. I lent forwards and whispered in her ear "You look hot..." We ended up kissing in the middle of the diner. Tori suddenly screamed and fell to the floor...

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