Memory Regain?

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I hear a single footstep above me and I get up up answer the door. A familiar smirk meets my eyes. I run past Jade she can't see me like this. She'll ask me what happened. I run faster than I ever have before. I run to the furthest place I know that Jade doesn't Trina's new apartment. I stop at the at the door. I remember running before.

I ran to Jades house. She had messaged me some stuff about Greggs. She was depressed all day. I was running through the door to her bedroom. She was dangling from the light fitting. I gasp and immediately untie the rope. She lays on the floor gagging for air. Her hair spread across my lap. I stroked her beautiful sparkling skin with my tanned hand. She looked up at me. She felt something I couldn't recognize. It was probably pain. Her hand was playing with my pink tank top.

Pink? I wore pink? She lied to me? I don't even care right now. Trina opens the door and says "Oh my god what happened? What did you do to your hair?" I shrugged and felt salty tears escape the prison that they called my eyes. Trina pulled me inside and touched my back I winced. She shuts the door and leans against it. "What is with you Tori?" I couldn't help but sob into her shoulder. I told her everything.

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