Meet Your Daughter

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Okay. Plugging time! (Char hehe)

Meet Your Daughter is the story of Jesse and Rayne. Opo, sila hehe.


In five years, Rayne was living peacefully in Singapore together with Raya. But what if one day, an important person from her past na pilit niyang iniiwasan ay makasalubong niya ng landas sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon? Anong gagawin nya? Tatakbo ba ulit siya palayo o haharapin niya ang nakaraang ito?


So ayun nga po. I'm trying to improve my writing so bear with me. You can check it on my profile. I'm not really sure when will I continue writing this because of my busy schedule and if I'll be able to commit na madalas mag-update but I hope you'll support me in this one din po.

Lovelots and stay safe po! - Saint :))

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