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I was signing some papers when Beatrice, my cousin who also works in the company as the HR Manager entered the room.

"It's okay to knock." I said sarcastically when she walked towards me.

"You won't believe what news I will give to you." I heard the excitement in her voice that made me somehow curious.

"Spill it. I have a lot of work to do." I said, still signing some papers to pretend that I'm not intrigued. And also, I was covering my curiosity with an irritated voice.

"Aviva Lorelei Del Rosario." she said that made me lift up my head.

"What did you say?" I asked. Baka namali lang ako ng rinig pero hindi, inulit nya at tama ang pagkakarinig ko.

"Aviva Lorelei Del Rosario. Sounds familiar?" Hell yeah! Much more familiar than you think. Then she continued, "She's applying for the secretary position in the company. What should I do?" she said with a teasing voice.

"Hire her." I said without second thoughts. She understood it already and then she bid her farewell to arrange some matters.

I'd been looking for you for so long. Who would have thought na ikaw pa mismo ang lalapit sa akin?


I'd been waiting for this day to come. Finally!

Gusto ko na syang makita nang marinig ko ang balitang nandito na sya sa Manila. Kaya nang dumating na ang Lunes, maaga talaga akong pumasok dahil hindi ako mapakaling makita sya.

I heard them talking outside. I want to go out and hug her tightly but my pride hinders me to do so.

She left you, remember? Show her no mercy.

I don't know, I just acted cold towards her. The feeling is overwhelming. I even asked her to bring me black coffee even though I'm not a fan of that. My pride doesn't want me to be easy.

And her, talking to someone I don't know in secret makes me more irritated. Who is she talking to? Her boyfriend?

Not until at the elevator, she confirmed it by answering a phone call and calling the recipient baby. What the fuck?! I won't let you, Aviva. I won't.


I was at the mall, at saktong nandito rin si Aviva. Is this a coincidence or what? Well, she's with someone. Her friend at work and a guy. That must be her boyfriend. Eh mas gwapo pa ako dyan eh! 'Yan ba ang ipinalit nya sa akin? Huh!

Sa gabing iyon, inisip ko ang mga dapat kong gawin kung paanong mapapasakin ulit si Aviva.

Hanggang sa dumating ang Lunes.

I welcomed her with a command that came out a shout. And then she thought that I'll fire her, as if I'll let you out of my sight.

That day, I brought her to our house to let my family know that I found her. I told them that she's still my girlfriend because in my mind, my defense was we never had a proper break up so we are still on.

I thought this was a good plan but then, I made a mistake. I'm such a fool. How can I win her back when I hurt her? I saw the pain in her eyes when the elevator closed with me and a woman I really don't know in. I hired her to pretend that we were doing such a thing. My pride won't let me bend down on my knees and beg her to be with me when I heard her saying, I love you to her baby. Those I love yous were supposed to be mine.

My anger and pride lasted for about months. And then one day, her patience exploded like a bomb. We fought and there I saw love in her eyes coated with pain. Do you still love me that's why you are in pain, Aviva?

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