Kabanata 25

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Days have passed and we are all busy with the grand party of the children. It isn't just their birthday party but also, they will be introduced to their father's world, as his.

We're hands on with this event, lalong lalo na si Gray. Ako ang bahala sa mga pagkain at sya naman sa venue. Tita Anette said that we should leave it to her because we're also both busy with the company but we both insisted. This is our children's day we are talking about.

"Mommy, I'm excited to dress like a princess!" Leigh opened one evening while we were here at the entertainment room, watching Beauty and the Beast. She won in their rock, paper, scissors so she had the privilege to choose what movie she wanted to watch.

"Baby, you're already a princess to us even if you don't dress with those ball gowns." of course, her father.

"Being a princess doesn't start and ends with a gown, Leigh." her brother added. Urgh, this tandem.

"Grabe kayo." she pouted. "I'm just excited to dress like that on our birthday. Ang dami nyo na pong sinabi."

"Boys, you're both overreacting." I chuckled.

"The important thing is, you are our princess no matter what."

"Yes, that's correct." Ay, ayaw talaga magpatinag ng mag-amang to.

"Let them be. Let's just finish the movie." I talked to my daughter. And we continued watching the movie without minding those two. Ang o-OA talaga, may pinagmanahan.

"Mommy." she called my attention habang nililigpit namin ang mga pinagkainan namin dito sa entertainment room, "When I grow up, I won't mind what is the physical feature of a boy. The important thing is I love him as well as he loves me. I'll accept him for who he is. That's how love works, right?" nagkatinginan kami ni Gray sa lintanya ng anak namin.

"You're amazing, princess. You are making me proud." pumantay ako sa kanya, "You're too young for this matter but yes, we should accept the people we love as well as we are to be accepted by those who love us."

"I can't wait to meet the love of my life!"

"Isn't daddy the love of your life?" nakasimangot na saad nya.

"Of course, I love you daddy, mommy, kuya, and all of my family. But I want love like yours and mommy's. I also want to feel how to be stared at with full of love like how you stare at mommy." Once again, nagkatinginan ulit kami ni Gray. Really? He stares at me like that?

"You'll find the one for you, princess. Just not now, it will come." sabi ko na lang sabay lihis ng tingin dahil pakiramdam ko ay nag-iinit ang mukha ko.

"Mommy, are you blushing?" Van asked dahil sa kanya ako napaharap nang umiwas ako ng tingin sa mag-ama.

"No, I'm not. Guni guni mo lang yan, anak." I said and excused myself to bring the trash outside and I was about to come back when the kids told me na nalinis na nila kaya hindi ko na kailangan na bumalik pa sa entertainment room.

I left them Van teaching Leigh playing some board games. Dumiretso ako sa kwarto only to find Gray on his phone like he's arguing with someone.

Nang tapos na sya sa tawag at binaba nya na ang telepono nya, I asked him what's the problem.

"Nothing." he said but I know there is.

"Don't you trust me?" I asked once again.

"It's not that, Al." bumuntong hininga sya, "Izza is I don't know, parati na lang sya nakakahanap ng lugar malapit sa atin and it irritates me. I can still remember what she did at Tagaytay. And now, Grace said that she's the one that mom hired for our clothes. Hangga't maaari, ayokong mapalapit kayo sa kanya." he explained.

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