Kabanata 24

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"Malapit na pala ang birthday ng mga bata." Gray opened in the morning. Since it was Saturday, we decided na bukas na lang umuwi ng Metro Manila. And knowing Gray, laging handa at sobra sobrang damit ang dinala.

"Yeah, their 7th." I replied while holding a mug of coffee. It's still early kaya hinayaan na muna namin ang mga batang matulog. And besides, I know that they're tired from yesterday's activities.

"I want it to be grand, Al. I want the best for our children. And it's their first birthday na kasama ako so okay lang diba?" he hopefully said.

"Of course, they are your children, too. And I think they will be happy with that." I smiled. I was more than happy because he asked me first before making a decision all by himself. I know that he's worried that I might not agree with him. He knows that I don't like grand parties but it's our children and I also want the best for them.

"It's in a month, right?" he assured.

"Hm-m." I hummed my yes.

"We should discuss this with the kids when they wake up. Or should we wake them up now? No, no. They are probably tired from our activities yesterday so we will wait for them to wake up, yes." at may patango tango pa sya sa sarili nya. Opo, hindi po sya ganoon ka-excited.

At doon, binusog na lang namin ang aming mga sarili sa kape, hangin, at tanawin dito sa mini garden ng bahay.

Silent breeze is not bad and so relaxing, I say.


"We will stay here until tomorrow po?" Van confirmed while we were eating our breakfast.

"Yes, kuya." I replied.

"And not just that, we will go to Tagaytay later for lunch. Sounds fun?" excited na saad ni Gray.

"Yehey! I'm so excited." Leigh giddily said. Mag-ama nga ito.

"Kaya ubusin mo na 'yang food mo para tumuloy tayo."

"Yes, mommy!" at magana niyang tinapos ang kinakain nya.

"Kayo rin." pagbaling ko kina Gray at Van.

"Yes, mommy." sabay na tugon nila. Gray even used the kid-like tone. Well, I know for sure that this side will never change. He's like this since we were a thing and I actually kinda like it.


We decided to spend our morning at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Gray wanted to spoil his children so he bought them things. I don't mind though. Besides, minsan lang naman 'to and I'll make sure na minsan lang talaga ito.

For starters, he bought them pairs of shoes and clothes. If I said pairs with an s, I mean it.

The kids are still hesitant at first, they even look at me like asking for permission and when they see me nod, they don't stop themselves from saying what they want.

We went to the Nike outlet and Gray insisted on buying pairing tops, sweatpants, and shoes. Leigh is so happy with that thought. She kept on chanting that she liked the idea. Of course, the daddy's girl. So we bought it as they wanted.

We also tried the yogurt we saw while we were strolling because Van wants to try it at bibo naman ang tatay nila na sundin kung ano ang gusto nila. I just really hope that they will grow up knowing their limits and besides, I think our lives before their father came is a reminder for them.

"Ga." I called his attention while the kids were busy looking at the displayed disc games on the store beside the yogurt stall. Nang humarap sya sa akin ay tinuloy ko ang gusto kong sabihin, "Not too much."

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