“P-Palace?” I stuttered at the words as my body breaks down in a cold shiver, the calmness that filled me disappeared into thin air as I now felt scared like reality just threw me out of a fantasy. “Palace as in filled with...” I shuffled back away from him. “And where-? Where are the others? Where are my parents? Why am I here? What the hell do you-” my mind spun out of control in panic as Jace did his best to calm me down.

“Blake, it’s okay. Please, no one will hurt you. You’re safe here.” 

“Am I really Jace? Did you really think hard about putting a human being in a place filled with vampires? Are you kidding me! ‘Safe’?!” I half-shouted at him feeling completely drained, I had no energy to project my voice louder. I somehow managed to get myself off the bed and towards the window where the sunlight glared in through the floral patterned curtains it was a challenge since I could barely keep myself upright. There were bandages wrapped everywhere around my body. My eyes scan my body and I noticed a thicker dressing wrapped around my wrist that I cut to save...Another disgusted shiver past through my body as I leaned against the window.

“Blake, please stop moving around so much, you might tear one of your stitches open,” he said worriedly as he slowly got closer to me. 

“You should have thought twice before bringing me here,” I harshly yanked the curtains apart with the tiny bit of energy I had left. The sun shone brightly through and was just mere inches away from hitting Jace. “Now just stay away from me,” I warned him - clinging myself to the window.

“Blake,” my name rolled off his tongue like melted chocolate. “I won’t hurt you,” he took a step forward into the sunlight and my eyes widened in surprise. He didn’t-why didn’t-? As if he can read my mind, he answered my unannounced question.

“Sunlight doesn’t affect us here in the vampire realm or should I say it's not actually sunlight, it’s weaker and it doesn’t stay as long. We're in the underworld after all,” He gave a warily smile and took one step closer. A small mumble left my lips as my body dropped to the ground in defeat. What have I got myself into?

"Blake," he reached out to try and pull me up but I backed myself right up against the window ledge, trying to get away from him. "Blake I won't..." 

"No matter how many times you say those words I won't believe you," I glared at him as I hugged my knees close to my stomach. "I should have never given in," I mumbled to myself. Where is she anyway? So the second I managed to save him she disappears? *Well, now look what situation you put me in!* I yelled at her mentally, I'm sure she's still in there somewhere. Looking at Jace it seems he took the hint, that I didn't want to be near him at all, and took a few steps back giving me my needed space. 'Are we in heaven'? What a joke. We're in hell, some part of hell. Probably the capital city of hell.

"Actually the capital city is 300 miles from here," he said and my gaze darted back at him. 

"What did you say?" I spoke coldly in a demanding manner. 

"Novasna is the capital city and it's 300 miles, north-west to be precise, from here," he said matter-of-factly. I began to hate him more as I got to know about another fact about them, they can mind-read. You see, that's why I think you are all-

"Master Aaron," A small delicate voice called and opened the nine foot double door. A maid holding a tray filled with fruits, pastries, different types of meat and cheese and placed it on top of the dresser at the foot of the bed as she couldn't get to the table by the window because of us. We stayed silent as she gave a small bow before leaving us in peace and closing the door quietly behind her. My scent probably filled the whole room, it didn't seem to make her uncomfortable then again, she's a vampire. Fooling their prey at every move even to the last one to get what they want, now it definitely made me uncomfortable.  

I could sense Jace's eyes on me, probably reading my thoughts again and my movements before he said,

"You need to eat," and picked up the tray and placed it on the table beside me so I would be able to reach it without moving much.

"No," I defied him and stayed perfectly still.

"Why are you going against everything I say?" his temper started to slip out, giving a frustrated huff.

 "Because you're a vampire."

 "Half. Half demon too," he butted in and I glared at him before continuing on.

 "What difference does that make? I'm still not going to be one of those vampire or demon-crazed hormonal girls that just flaunt themselves at your feet and go with whatever you say. You kill to feed wether for blood or our souls, you can read minds so that makes you a manipulative, cold blooded killer," I argued back finally having a bit of courage to speak my mind of his kind. So I'm basically setting myself for an early retirement to my grave, good job Blake.

 "We're not all monsters Blake," he said with his jaw clenched tight as if he was trying to physically hold back his anger. Oh so convincing. "And only royal vampires can mindread. Now just eat something Blake, before I loose my patience completely." Just as I speak again he added, "I can sense how low your blood count is Blake, so just eat or sooner or later you will faint and I will have to force it down you. Then you'll wake up hating me more than you already do and continue with your 'i'm-a-monster' crap when I'm trying to help you."   

I gave a sigh of defeat and reached for an apple. "Why are you helping me Jace?" I whispered to him before a took a bite from the apple. He didn't answer me, he just turned around and sat at the foot of the bed sighing deeply to himself.

 "Because you remind me of her."

- - - -

 Dakota's P.O.V

 "Who sent you?" I slammed its head into the wall as its arms and legs were merged with the wall under our prison spell. The hunter growled at me before it suffered a blow to the head. "Answer me!" 

 "You fucking bitch!" It hissed at me before spitting some of its blood out from the punch. I gripped its head again and slammed the back of its skull harder than the last.

 "Yeah? Well I turn nasty when I don't get what I want. Now for the last time, who the fuck sent you? Or I'll rip your brains out and I hate to have to make such a mess as my maids just cleaned here this morning," I gave him a wicked smile and felt him shudder at my words. "So last chance my dear little hunter." 

 "Eleanor," it breathed. "She wanted her dead and the human. That's all I can tell you."

"My dear little hunter," I sighed. "I'm most definitely sure you know I hate liars, and you my little dear hunter have lied. You see, Eleanor's already dead. She's been dead for seven months so don't bullshit me," I told it calmly. My nails carved deep onto its stomach to the point where I had pierced the top few layers of its flesh making it growl an animalistic howl at the pain.

"I'm going to come back tomorrow morning and ask you the same question one more time as I feel you deserve one more chance. Also my loyal servant here, will help you rethink your decision of exactly how much you're going to tell me about your target and who sent you," I smiled another one of my heartwarming smiles before leaving the hunter in Sebastian's care.

Lying bastard.       


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