How long has he been watching me sleep? Why is he grinning like an overexcited idiot? I’m heating up! Am I blushing? Why do I feel warmth around my waist? I looked down, it was his arms. His arms Then my gaze travelled a little higher and I saw my right hand placed on his naked chest. Topless? Oh no. I wanted to move it away from him but my arms felt foreign to me, it didn’t budge. My other arm however, I got a tingly numb feeling because his weight was on it. Then my brain finally registered what was going on. We were cuddling.

Instantly I tore myself away from his cosy hug which made me almost fall right off the bed if I hadn’t managed to lean on the bedside table. His soft chuckle broke the silence and I couldn’t help but look away in embarrassment and slightly annoyed with myself because I was so easily affected by him. Why did I ask him that stupid question last night? I could hear my heartbeat thumping louder and louder through my rib cage and I’m sure he could too.

Then reality hit me.

“Tristan!” I swung around and looked at the clock behind me.

"Fine, not even a good morning and yet you say his name," I heard him mumble. 

“He’s going to be here in five minutes! Damnit.” I could feel his stare burning into my back as I rummaged through my neatly folded clothes in the wardrobe. I didn’t have enough time to care about his stare when I should, and probably wearing a long white, might I mention the worst part-see through-, shirt as nightwear was not the best idea after all. I was too busy worrying about what Tristan would think and the guilt that had begun to sink in. 

There is no way I’m going to let him find out about this and he won’t. Unless Jace tells him which I’m hoping he won’t since it won’t be just me that’s going to get bombared with questions thrown. If Tristan found out then there is no doubt that Brianna will find out about it too. I’m now praying and hoping he won’t be that stupid. Rushing into the en-suite, I threw the clothes, that I chose for today, somewhere on the floor and slammed the door to begin my morning routine. 

Aaron/Jace’s P.O.V.

Watching the door slam with full force, I slowly got up. Within a few seconds, the door opened again and this time I couldn’t help but grin again knowing what she was going to say.

“You switched off my alarm!” she pointed at me with her toothbrush in rage.

“And you are VERY wel-.” There was another slam and a muffled ‘jerk’ before I heard the tap running and the harsh brushing sound. I left her room and went into mine to changed and it wasn’t long before I heard the doorbell ring. His presence was strangely bold as I opened the door.

“Nice to see you here so early, Tristan.” He looked at me with pure hatred before replying,

“Of course, I wouldn’t leave Blake with you for any longer than she has to.”

“Ouch,” I feigned hurt and watch him looking behind me for any sign of Blake. “She’ll be down soon, she’s just getting dressed.” 

“Stay away from Blake,” he warned me. This was a side of him I never knew existed and I couldn’t help but smirk, amused by his sudden act of toughness.

“It’s my house, I can do whatever I want.” 

He gave a low dark growl which I quickly dismissed as I heard Blake’s footsteps hurrying down the stairs behind me. Blake quickly apologized to Tristan for taking so long and to her surprise; he kissed her right in front of me. When they broke apart for air, he pulled her out the door just as she was catching her breath. She turned back to give me a what-did-you-say look.

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