Once Upon A Bloody Crown Chapter 12 Part 2

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Blake’s P.O.V

“What did you just say?” I asked him weakly, placing the half bitten apple back on the table. My mind spun in circles trying to think if I heard him correctly or if being in this place was starting to make me hallucinate, my hands rubbed my temples soothingly. He turned back around facing me, taking a few second to answer me. 

“Nothing, it’s not important,” he dismissed my question and gave another low sigh. 

“Ugh, you’re even more annoying and confusing when I’m like this,” I threw my hands up in frustration and tried to get up from the ground but failed. I lost the feeling in my legs and butt after sitting in that position for too long and now my arms have no energy to pull myself up. Great, this is just great. 

“Would you like a hand?” Jace smirked at me seeing me struggle.

“No, no. You stay where you are, I can do this myself.” I told him stubbornly and placed one hand on the window ledge and the other on the table. Just when I thought I managed, I felt one of the stitches in my wrist snap and I fell back down as a small yelp left my lips. Instantly he was by my side, examining my hand and we both could see that some blood was starting to seep through the dressing. 

“Stop trying to play the heroine when you’re clearly the damsel in distress Blake,” he shook his head and just when I was going to snap back he lifted me up in a space of a second and placed me down on the bed in the next. What the hell! “Now let me see your wrist,” he demanded. I was reluctant at first but looking at his face, he was genuinely worried so I placed my left hand onto his and he lightly traced his finger on top. “One of the stitches have opened, I’ll get the doctor and have him redo it so it won’t leave a bigger scar as it heals. Wait here,” he got off the bed and walked out before I could say a word. I was all alone. If I thought having Jace in the room was scary, now being by myself in this room was terrifying. Anyone of them could come in and kill me within seconds, I couldn’t defend myself in anyway. 

“Eleanor, where are you?” I spoke softly into the air, curling myself into a ball. A brief moment past before I heard her voice pop into my mind.

*I’m sorry Blake, it was the only way to save both of you.* She apologized, *Jace is right, you’ll be safe here. He won’t hurt you Blake, trust him. I know how you feel about vampires but please you will be safe. I can’t stay here any longer Blake, I’m starting to fade. Just stay by his side and you’ll be safe. Trust him.*  

“No please! Don’t go! I need you, you can’t leave me,” I pleaded out loud as I felt her drift out of me.  She was gone. A tear rolled down my face, I felt empty. Empty and truly alone. Trust him? My mind was having a war with my heart and so far my mind was winning no matter how much my heart sided with Eleanor’s words and Jace’s. There was just something not right about trusting him completely, like a secret was kept from me by the two. I only knew vaguely that they knew each other but...I could definitely tell that there’s more to them that meets the eye. What happened between them? Can I really trust their word? 

The door opened and in came Jace and another man, who I presume is the doctor. Jace briefly introduced Doctor Woods to me as he was also the doctor who tended my wounds when I was unconscious. He quickly cleaned, stitched and bandaged my wrist and surprisingly I didn’t feel any pain at all. I thanked him just before he bowed and left us. 

“Jace?” I called him and he got off the chair by the window and sat at the end of the bed, remembering to keep his distance, and gave me a ‘what?’ look. “I know I should be glad about not feeling any pain when he fixed by wrist, but why didn’t I? Is this another talent?” I asked curiously.

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