Blake’s P.O.V 

“I can’t believe this,” Brianna said in disbelief. There was no way I could miss the horrified look on her face as she stared at Jace when we sat on the benches next to the fountain at the mall. Of course there was no way I would sit with them and the amount of dirty looks I got from Brianna on the way to here was enough to last me a lifetime. 

“Stop complaining. You’re beginning to piss me off,” Jace said sharply and just when he was about to speak to me, Brianna started cooing in his ear.

“But Jacey I’m bored! Let’s make-out.” She purred into his ear as I saw one of her hands trailing lower and lower from his chest. 

“I think I’m going to be sick,” I got up and walked into whatever direction as long as it was away from them. How did this happen? I was getting out the door and all of a sudden I’m now in the mall with them. The more i saw them together, the more it reminded me of our last date which made me more annoyed and soon I was almost fuming with anger and it ran like a cycle in my head. I began to walk faster and faster until I was running to get out of there.

“Blake!” a small hand gripped tightly on my wrist and held me back to a sudden stop. I harshly shook her off, knowing she was only doing this to get his attention on her and show how ‘caring’ she was. Seriously? who do you think your fooling? “What’s wrong Blake?” her whinny voice penetrated into my mind like a siren. “Can you not stand the fact that Jace and I are together?” her whisper made me go tense.  

“Well, what do you think?” I pointed out the obvious, even though I might regret that later, gritting my teeth to stop myself shouting at her. At the back of my mind, I wondered where Jace was at this point and why he wasn’t taming this girl. “I left the house to get away from you two and yet here you two are with me. Just stay away from me,” I turned back around to continue storming out but she stopped me again.

“Me stay away from you? It’s more like you should stay away from my Jacey! Just keep your dirty hands away from him. He’s mine remember that!” She gave me a shove that made me take a step back. 

“Don’t you dare...Push me!” I pushed her right back which almost had her fall flat on her ass but someone just had to catch her in time. *Oh for goodness sake,* Eleanor groaned. *He has the worst timing ever, having her fall on her ass would just make my day.* Hm, you’re not the only one thinking that. 

“Oh Jacey, Blake is being horrible to me and calling me a-”

“Oh please, enough with the lies. I’m leaving,” I turned around and walked off even hearing Jace shouting for me and Brianna shouting at Jace for not defending her, I continued walking. Just seeing him makes my mind go crazy from frustration and confusion. My head is telling me to forget about him but my heart is starting to tell a different story. Why am I in such a mess!

Aaron/Jace’s P.O.V

My eyes followed after Blake as she walked further and further away. It irritated me even more knowing that I can’t do anything with Brianna clung onto me.

“I’ll go and see what’s wrong with her,” Brianna finally let go of me and ran after her seeing Blake picked up her pace. A few minutes later, I started getting the sense of something wasn’t right. I looked around but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Still this was nothing I should dismiss so easily and knowing that Blake is in danger, I had to do something. I texted Kaden, Rayne and Damien, telling them I need them at the mall ASAP. Within seconds they all replied and said they would be here in five minutes, so I decided to look for Brianna and Blake.

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