OH FINALLY! Yes I'm a couple of hours and a year late...but i have a small surprise for you readers at the end if you're still here...or I'm just adding another chapter to fill the internet space so here it is!!! Enjoy.

“Hey,” Dakota gave a small smile, timidly peeping in before closing the door behind her without Jace. “How are you feeling?” 

“Drained,” I said before instantly regretting it and wished I chose a better word. I mentally slapped my head for my stupidity as I heard Dakota giggling at me and sat down at the foot of the bed. I hung my head in embarrassment, laughing a little. “Clearly too tired to think properly.”

“Oh yeah sorry, forgot you need sleep. Are you sure you want me here? I can easily leave-” she was about to get up and my fear shot through me. 

“No, please stay!” the words flew out of my mouth in a rush, making her notice exactly how afraid I was of this place. Of them.  

“Okay,” she gave me another one of her gentle smiles however this one had a hint of sadness behind it. “Blake, I’m sure Aaron- I mean Jace would have told you that you’re safe here. No one will hurt you.” The room fell silent as I tried to take in those words again. I’m safe, no one will hurt me. I leaned further into the giant pillow behind me, pulling the duvet up to my chest as I felt a certain coldness creep up my body. “I guess it’s gonna take some time before you truly believe those words right?” Dakota sighed in defeat and I couldn’t help but feel guilty. 

“I’m sorry, Dakota.” I murmured the words before drifting off to sleep.



I breathed harshly against the cold. Rubbing my arms to try and keep myself warm, I looked around. For a moment I was surrounded in utter darkness until a large rectangular window appeared in front of me. Looking in I saw an extremely tidy bedroom, cream coloured walls with gold and baby pink embroider patterns on the edges. Two suitcases laid open on the double bed filled with neatly packed clothes. As my eyes searched for photos of who’s bedroom it was, a pair of evil eyes with a cheshire cat grin caught my attention. No.


“Are you okay?” Dakota’s voice faintly enter my fuzzy mind and I tore my eyes open. Blue purple rays shone through the fleur de lis printed curtains, it was just moments before dawn. I was panting hard and covered in sweat. “Blake?” she said warily making me snap to the left where she was sitting, face full of concern. 

“I...It-” my voice trailed off as I tried to shake that evil look out of my mind. “It’s a stupid nightmare,” I finally said. “Stupid horror film I watched years ago and it stuck with me. Gets me every time.” I gave a nervous laugh trying to convince Dakota and most importantly myself that I was ‘fine’. 

Dakota hesitated for a moment before she spoke again, “Do you want to talk about it?” I shook my head and pulled the duvet closer to me, feeling the cold chill against my sweaty skin. “I see. Well you know I’m here if you ever want to talk.” I thanked her quietly and tried to go back to sleep. After fifteen minutes of tossing and turning I gave up and sat up with a huff. 

“Would you like a drink? Maybe a glass of warm milk to help you sleep?” Dakota suggested as she placed her book on the coffee table.

“No, it’s fine. It’s morning and I’m covered in sweat. Can I take a shower?” I hopped off the bed.

“Oh sure! it’s that door,” she pointed to the door next to the dresser. “There are some fresh towels inside and I’ll have a maid send up a seamstress,” she said casually. I stopped just before I entered the victorian styled bathroom. “Seamstress?” I gave her a look and she just laughed. The mood seemed to lighten up and the nerves decided to back away slowly.

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