Once Upon A Bloody Crown Chapter 5

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"Slow down!" I yelled. Jace was driving at bloody 140mph! I quickly strapped myself in. Oh god, this is how I' going to die! Gradually I felt the car slow down. I looked over at the dial and was it was decreasing to 80mph.

"Are you happy now?" Jace huffed, glancing at me.

"Y-yes!" I was a little relieved. "Although I would be happier if you would stick to the 30mph limit." 

"Don't push your luck." 

"Huh, it was worth a try." After driving a few minutes in silence, the girl's voice popped into my head. The girl from the dream. 

[A/N- Aaron/Jace can't hear Eleanor's voice, only Blake's.]

*God, he has completely changed...he was never like this,* her voice was filled with concern.

*Who are you?* I questioned her. It's about time I find out who she is. 

*I'm Eleanor.*

*Eleanor?* I repeated. All of a sudden, Jace stood on the brakes which caused my body to fly forward and then get flung back by the self belt.


"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" I screamed at him. We were lucky there were no cars behind us, or there would have been a very big accident. My left shoulder was in incredible pain from where the belt had hit me. 

"I...I thought I...Never mind," he stuttered and then we were off again.  

*Hm! I guess the mention of my name really shocked him, huh!* Eleanor said annoyed.

*You know him?* I was getting more curious by the minute. Jace would slyly glance at me as he continued to drive, so I turned my head and stared out the window seeing one skyscraper after another.

*...Yes,* I could hear the sadness in her voice and my heart ached with a pinch of pain. Could she control my emotions?

*Why are you in my head?* I quickly changed the subject. 

*I...I'm sorry, I can't tell you.*

*Huh? Why?* 

*I just can't. Sorry.* Then she just disappeared, as though she had just popped out of my mind.

"We're here," Jace told me. We had arrived at the local mall. We got out of the car and walked inside, side by side. He led me to the cinema and we both stood in the queues whilst looking at the screens above us for which movie we were going to see.

"What do you want to go and see?" he asked. 

"I dunno. You're the one that dragged me here by surprise." 

"Well, look at the screen then, I'm sure there's something you fancy watching," he replied matter of factly. I’m already looking you idiot. I gave a little huff as I looked through the list on the screen. 

'Snow White and the Huntsman?’ Hmm...no.

"What to expect when you’re expecting," I said. That sounds like a comedy filled film...

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Jace smirked. A few girls in front turned around.

"Maybe, maybe not. Since it’s just a film you made me decide on such short notice," I gave him a sarcastic smile and hit him on the shoulder. Ow! Solid! He nodded in agreement since the other films weren’t that interesting. We bought our tickets and I got a small bag of sweet popcorn before we went into our screen to see the film.  

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