Brianna's P.O.V

"I'm home," I sighed as I entered the hallway. There was no answer. They must be in the chamber. I ran upstairs, threw my cream coloured, Chanel shoulder-bag into my room -hopefully it landed on something soft- and went to the study. I walked up to the huge ancient bookcase and pulled a secret leaver to open the hidden dark path. On the other end of the poorly lit passage was the chamber. Full of potions and ancient spell books. At one of the benches stood my father mixing up another potion. 

"Father," I greeted as I stood next to him, he didn't say a word. "What have I done now?" 

Suddenly he threw the potion at the wall which caused me to jump with fright.

"She's still alive, you stupid girl!" He shouted at me which made me step back.

"W-w-what?" I said weakly. 

"She's still alive; your mother sensed her presence this morning. You told me, she was dead!" He threw another potion and this time it almost hit me. 

"I was sure she was dead! Did mother mistake her for someone else?"

"Your mother never makes mistakes you stupid, useless girl!" Tears were dripping down my cheeks. "You better find her and kill her before the Prince of Vesperia finds her," he hissed at me. I stayed silent, "Do you understand?" he gripped my chin making me stare into his eyes. 

"Yes," my voice was barely coming out. He then pushed me away, towards the path.

"Now leave!" I ran as fast as I could with my tears continuing to drip down my cheeks.

My life was perfect: I had the looks, the body and a Royal vampire as my boyfriend. Until my parents started to get greedy. They wanted the Prince's wealth and Kingdom. Knowing that Jace was next in line for the throne, they wanted me to become Queen. After having a few conversations with Mother, I really wanted to be Queen. I could have anything I want, I could have servants that I could order around and I could stay beautiful for eternity.

I knew at that time, Jace would leave me in less than two weeks and find his next partner so I had to do something.

I slipped him a potion one night, a potion that made him only want to be with me and so he would make me Queen. I would be Queen and have the world's most powerful kingdom as my home and the worlds hottest vampire as my husband. I didn't bother to look at what could break the spell. There was no need. I was going to be with him at all times.  

7 months past and it was the best 7 months of my life. day, he told me his parents set up an arranged marriage for him. He didn't know how to break it off and, knowing his parents, they wouldn't let him. So I came up with a plan. Have him visit his 'Fiancée' in his human form and make her fall in love with him. Then get her to break the marriage, it was so simple and perfect. So he visited her, everyday.   

Everything was going perfectly to plan...then he broke up with me. I couldn't understand why. He didn't give me a reason. Nothing. My parents began to hate me and blame me. How could this happen? How could he break the spell? Then it finally occurred to me. I scanned through the spell book until I found it.

~How to break the spell~

The spell will slowly decrease in power when he/she finds their soul-mate.

To completely break the spell, just takes one kiss. 

His Fiancée was his... I was furious! How could I be so stupid?! I had to get him back. I found out about his Fiancée's ball from Arianna. So I quickly found a gown and attended the ball with her. I had to end her. It was the only way I could get Jace to love me again...and my parents. And to be Queen. Then, the night of the ball...I killed her. Humph, it was so easy. 

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