Once Upon A Bloody Crown Chapter 1

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Old title: The Half-blooded Lovers.

So there have been some slight changes I have done to the story, first of all, the characters only have one name (as in when it use to be royal vampires had their name then in their human form they had another name, well that system has been screwed off haha) except from the main character Jace :) I'm sorry it took me so long to get this sorted. Also for the readers that read this story in 2010~2011, Saya name has been changed to Mya, I also made the change to the first story. I hope that's most of the 'sorting' done and thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you. *bows* ^.^


"Welcome to your new home Sweetie," My parents smiled as we entered our 'new' home. Cream coloured tapestry in every room which a stylish twist of my room having one side with sea blue coloured flower print and the other three walls being the colour of cream. There was a small pool built into our home, since mom liked to have the garden for growing vegetables rather than have me planning pool parties in the weekends, yet I'm not that type of girl to do so. We have a few housekeepers and a butler to keep everything in line since my parents are mostly away for business meetings wether if they are somewhere else in the state or aboard.

According to my parents, my name is Blake Summers and I'm 17 years old and I am the only child. I lost my memory a few weeks ago due to a burglary in our old home in Seattle, or so my parents have told me. You might think moving from Seattle to Los Angeles is a big change but I hardly remember it or even stayed long there since I only woke up from hospital a week ago and now I'm in Los Angeles. Hardly enough time to get use to my old surrounding. Turns out, my parents only moved to Seattle for a switch with another member in their company just before I was born and now we've settled back at their old home.

As for the attack, I have two long light scars across my neck where the burglar had stabbed me with a knife. I still have some head injuries caused by smashing through walls and windows.

I'm guessing you're thinking," how the heck did I survive all that?" Well I'm in the same boat as you. I HAVE NO IDEA; even I was shocked when my parents told me.

You would think sometime soon my memories will come back to me but so far...nothing. Nothing is flowing back to me and I'm starting to get the feeling that my parents aren't my 'parents'...

Maybe I'm just thinking to much.

* * *

"I'm going be late!" I shouted to the sky as I ran faster and faster. "On my first day to my new school too! Great, just what I need. Stupid digital alarm clock! Resetting itself half way through the night and now making me late!" I quickly ran up the steps of the school. Every corridor I ran by was empty with only a few classroom lights on. I'm that late! I shoved open my classroom door,

"Sorry I'm...late?" I entered the ghostly room, sunlight streaming through the windows. No one is here. I look at the school clock, 7.11am, and then I look at my white D&G watch, 8.12am. An hour fast. . . Are you freakin' kidding me?!

[X] 30 minutes later, 7:41 [x]

I sat in the back seat next to the window, resting my head on top of my folded arms on the desk. A few minutes later I could hear footsteps from outside then it went silent.

"I must be hearing things," I murmured to myself as I slowly placed my head back on my arms.

"You're an unusual girl, speaking to yourself," I jolted up and slowly turn towards the back corner opposite the windows where I was sitting. A tall, dark figure emerged from the gloomy corner. His bright rich sapphire eyes glowed in the shadows with light caramel brown hair-longish down to the ear with a long fringe just past his high cheek bone...he's-wow. Hot.

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