Once Upon A Bloody Crown Chapter 8

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Princess huh?” Jace teased. How the hell did he hear? And again, why him? Why his house? I have housekeepers and the cook to keep me company but I still have to leave? I huffed angrily and turned to go upstairs.

“Ugh! I can’t believe I have to live with you for the next two weeks! Couldn’t Dakota come instead of yo-why are you following me?” I glared at him as I walked faster through the long corridors with him just seconds behind me. 

“Well, I can’t have the ‘Princess’ out of my sight can I? Don’t you need someone to help you carry your suitcases downstairs-”

“No I don’t need help. Especially from you,” I slammed the door in his face and locked it. God, he’s giving me a headache! I’m going to be stuck with that good-for-nothing for two whole weeks. Perfect. I pulled out a blue medium sized suitcase and flung the hollow shell on the bed and unzipped it. I walked into my walk-in wardrobe and started picking my selection of clothing for a two week stay. First was the undergarments, then the nightwear... dresses... bottoms... shorts... tops-

“The red top suits you more,” his voice startled me as I saw him standing by my wardrobe door from the reflection in the mirror. Seeing his smirk fumed me even more so I hung the red top-with a little red riding hood-back on the rail and kept the navy one. “Fine, ignore my stylish opinion.” Could he not tell that I wanted to be left alone?  

I made one last trip to the wardrobe, carrying my last batch before zipping the suitcase and placed it upright on the wooden floor. Seeing Jace...it reminds me of the girl that usually kept popping into my mind. Eleanor was that her name? Ever since I started dating Tristan and not being as close to Jace, Eleanor hasn’t said a word. Did I imagine her? Jace suddenly gripped my wrist. His eyes gave me the sense of confusion and worry but that soon faded back to his annoyed looked and he let go of me without saying a word.

What the hell is wrong with him?

He was about to reach out for the handle of the luggage but I quickly snatched it and dragged the luggage out to the top of the stairs. He snatched it back and descended the stairs without me. Oh, he is frustrating to deal with!  I continued the silent treatment when I was in his car and within minutes, he cracked. All hell broke loose.

“Why aren’t you talking to me?” I ignored him and stared out the window. “Why won’t you even look at me?!” HIs temper started to rise. “For heaven sake, Blake. You’re beginning to piss me off-”

I’m pissing you off?” I finally spoke as the anger in me exploded. “Last time I checked, you weren’t the one being told by an anonymous text that the guy you went out with was two-timing you.” Yes, I couldn’t forget that day because I was absolutely humiliated! 

“How was I two-timing you?” he argued back as he drove faster.

“Don’t act so clueless. Once Brianna took you away you didn’t even bother about me and about two days later I caught you snogging the face off that fake-oh sorry, I meant your girlfriend.” He immediately slammed on the brake causing the cars behind us to beep in frustration. It was a miracle that nobody got hurt. Oh, get me out of here.

“I was not dating her when I went on a date with you! When I managed to get away from Arianna, I headed to your house to check if you got home okay and then I saw Tristan with you-”

“Luckily he was at the mall so he could take me home! I had no car remember, I don’t even think I had enough money with me to get a taxi. Thank goodness he was being such a nice friend-”

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