Aaron/ Jace's P.O.V

"Cya in chemistry," I told her before walking off laughing to myself after hearing her thoughts. I heard a faint 'what?' as I left the music room and headed in the direction of the canteen. The guys left me, probably thinking I would make a move on Blake. Idiots. As I walked past one of the gym closets, someone from behind pulled me into it.

"How could you?! Humiliating me in front of everyone!" Brianna's voice whined as she switched on the lights. She then immediately wrapped her arms around my neck. 

"You brought this on yourself. Get off me!" I replied harshly. A small smirk crept up on her lips,

"How about you make up for it, right now?” her voice purred into my ear as she trailed her fingers down the back of my neck in seductive strokes. “You know, you used to love it when I was right up against you." I growled low baring my fangs in hatred. 

"Get off! It's because of you that she's dead," I pushed her off of me, making her stumble back a few steps. Her eyes glared at me. 

"Who? That brunette twig? She died? Hm! Serves her right for stealing my man," Brianna laughed. My anger shot through the roof. I slapped her in pure hatred. The sharp strike echoed in the small room.  

"How fucking dare you," I hissed. "She's dead because of you; you forced yourself on me and then Eleanor saw and ran into the woods. If it weren't for you this wouldn't have happened; Eleanor wouldn't have entered the castle alone, Eleanor wouldn't have been murdered; Eleanor wouldn't be dead; Eleanor would still be here! But no! You wouldn't take no for an answer, you didn't understand the fact that we broke up! You couldn't accept the fact that I loved Eleanor not you! Now nothing can bring her back! Nothing!" I finally got past her and stormed out. Everyone was staring at me and the door. 

"You're lucky I managed to make everyone forget your 'little speech' in the closet," Hayden whispered as he appeared next to me. All of a sudden I heard the students around us gasp as they were looking at the direction of the closet. I turned around finding Brianna with her hair slightly messed up and her fingers buttoning her shirt that was revealing her whole chest. That sneaky bitch. She must have heard Hayden.

Everyone around us exploded into conversation.

"They got back together?" A girl whispered to her friend disappointingly.

"That lucky bastard," a boy said to his friend before whistling at Brianna and eyeing her up and down. The girls start spreading the news around like wild fire through speaking and texting. Hayden and I quickly walked past everyone and found the rest of the guys at our usual table in the canteen.

"I thought you and Brianna broke up?" Damien asked me as Hayden and I sat down. 

"Don't get me started," I snarled. "That bitch twisted things around."

"You think Blake got the news?" Shit.

"I hope not." 

[x] In chemistry [x]

Where is she? She gets lost fairly easily. As Mrs Mead was showing us the 'ester' experiment, she came through the door.

"Oh, hi! You must be Blake Summers," Mrs Mead smiled as she placed the equipment on the table.

"Yes I am. I'm sorry I'm late, I don't know my way around yet," she answered back.

"Oh that's okay, as long as you made it here, it's fine. I'm Mrs Mead. Now let's see, where shall I put you," Mrs Mead looked around then stops at me. "Ah! Near the back with Mr Parker."

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