Blake’s P.O.V

I woke up form the sunlight streaming through the blinds of the living room. Living room? I questioned myself confusedly. Then I realised that I was sleeping next to Jace, leaning on him. Jace. How did-? Oh yeah, I came down for a glass of milk. I slept beside him the whole night?

I peered over finding him silently snoozing. He does looks quite cute when he’s asleep, where is my phone? No! Don’t be stupid. Just as I got up whilst trying not to wake him, I saw a small note left on the coffee table.

“Out for breakfast, will being something back for you two. Signed ‘Rayne’,” I read out to myself. Oh crap, they saw us together. Oh no! What if they get the wrong idea? I mentally cursed at myself for being so stupid for falling asleep and yet it was with him out of all people. Just then my stomach rumbled loudly. 

“They’re going to be out for a while, want me to make something?” his voice made me jump as I turned around to see him rubbing his sleepy face. 

*Now this is definitely a hot slash cute moment,* Eleanor giggled while my face burst into a crimson colour seeing his sleepy expression.

“Erm-no, it’s fine. I’ll-eh, I’ll eat when they come back. I’m going to the bathroom!” I spoke in one quick breath and embarrassingly sprinted to the upstair’s bathroom, feeling my cheeks go on fire.

Once I changed out of the shorts, tank top and hoodie, I wore the outfit that was laid out on my ready-made bed. A pair of light denim, short short with a white ‘All Time Low’ t-shirt. I tied my hair into a high, messy ponytail for a rough rock-chick look and applied minimum make-up on: eyeliner and mascara, before heading back downstairs.

“Hey Lily,” I greeted her just as she was leaving. 

“Oh Blake! I’m just going out for some groceries. Daniel’s in the study if you need anything,” Lily told me before shutting the front door whilst giving a wave goodbye. I walked back into the living room finding Jace still sleeping peacefully on the sofa. A small smile crept up on my lips as I left him and went to the kitchen to make myself a small snack. Looking around the kitchen, I got myself a glass bowl and diced up a pear, an apple and some strawberries I found in the fridge and poured some yogurt over it. I grabbed a desert spoon from one of the drawers and headed back into the living room whilst eating some pieces.

*Ah~ are you playing to play a little game with him? A little game of ‘say aah’* Eleanor invaded my mind just as I another strawberry that was covered in yogurt. 

*You make it sound so inappropriate and for your information, no I’m not. If he wants some fruit with yogurt, he’s going to half to make it himself.* I snapped back in embarrassment. I sat a seat down from Jace so I wouldn’t disturb him and within seconds I realise that it was pointless for what I had decided to do so.

“Do I really get on your nerves that much?” My eyes snapped over to him, seeing his beautiful blue eyes stare back into my light hazel ones then at the gap between us.

“No, I just thought I would disturb you and your sleep,” I gaze down at my fruit bowl sheepishly and ate another piece. He stayed quiet for a few seconds whilst giving me the occasional glance before replying.

“Oh, I see. Well, it’s too late for that.”

“Huh?” I turned to him with the spoon still in my mouth and gave him a questionable look. I could feel him go tense under his calm composure.

“Nothing,” he said calmly before closing his eyes again and returns to his sleep. Just as I finished eating the fruit, my phone vibrated. I took it out of my pack pocket and was shocked to see who it was from.

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