Also another note: Jarred name has been changed to Tristan (for the readers that read this story in 2010~2011)


 "----" speaking

*----* mentally

Aaron/Jace's P.O.V

I entered the music class with the guys just a few paces behind me. It took a cold bucket of water and almost smashing through a wall to get me calm again. Now I need to pay for a new window in the biology department, a new door for my calculus room and a new wall for the storage room in the gym department.

"Jacey!" Brianna screamed and ran towards me. I felt my temper rapidly rising. She hugged me tight, rubbing her plastic breasts against my chest.

*There are people in the room, there are people in the room* I reminded myself, trying to prevent me from smashing Arianna into a wall with pure hatred. I could feel my muscles tensing.

"Brianna," I said in a stern voice and quickly got out of her death grip making everyone around us look. I ignored them and tried to walk away from her but failed miserably. She blocked my way and gave me her puppy dog look. To other guys it might be cute but it made my temper flare even more. It was more of a don't-you-dare-walk-away-from-me-and-embarrass-me look.

"Baby, aren't you happy to see me? Didn't you miss me in the summer holidays?" she pouted as she slid her arms around my neck, pulling me down and closer to her.

My body stiffened, *Would someone get her away from me before I SNAP!* I mentally hissed at the guys.

*Soz man. She scares me. And she gives me a very cold vibe when I go near her,* Kaden replied. 

Brianna was still looking at me, waiting for an answer.

*Don't worry you'll have an excuse very soon,* Rayne smiled.

*Huh? How?* Then I sensed her. She's talking to Mrs Houston and they're heading this way. They were very close by.

*Now's you chance,* said Damien giving me the signal.

"No, and as I recall we broke up at the beginning of the summer holidays," I replied back coldly to Brianna as I placed her arms back to her sides and rushed away to the opposite corner with the guys trailing behind me. Just as Brianna was about to protest, Blake and Mrs Houston walked in. As Rayne predicted Blake's presence got Brianna's full attention. 

"Everyone this is Blake Summers. She will be joining us from..." Mrs Houston's voice started to bore me. So my eyes drifted off to look at Blake. She stood there perfectly poise waiting for Mrs Houston to finish talking to the class. She looks beautiful...Wait. No. What did I just say? I shook my head in disbelief. 

*Erm, you said she looks beautiful,* Damien reminded me in my head, giving me a sneaky grin.

"Hey! you asked," Damien whispered, putting his hands up slightly in defense mode. Kaden and Rayne just sighed at us. 

Then I heard Mrs Houston saying, "...Mini concert for Blake. So lets get practicing! Come back to this room at quarter to ten for the concert! Blake, you could perform in the concert too."

"Erm...I don't know-" Blake started to panic. 

"Yeah and show us how much you suck," Brianna cut in, making most of the girls snigger, but all the boys just stayed quiet, thinking, 'Ooooh cat fight coming on.'

"Actually yeah, why not," Blake answered back, her voice was bubbly and up-beat, giving Brianna a cute, satisfying smile. She fights fire with fire. I like that. Its been awhile since someone back chatted her.

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