- - - - - - - 

Her beaten, cut body smashed onto the cold marble floor. I felt the harsh impact vibrate between my toes. Again I couldn't help her...I was frozen on the spot.

"Goodbye, future Queen," the girl giggled. Then I saw her eyes. Poisonous purple eyes bore into mine. An evil smirk curved onto her blood red lips. 

- - - - - - - - 

“Blake!” someone woke me up. I realized I was screaming because of my dream. “Sssh, it was only a dream,” mom pulled me into a hug, soothing me.

“It was that same dream again,” I said, in between sops as I hugged her tighter. It was always the same dream every night, since I could remember. That girl continuously haunts me. It started with Eleanor on the edge of death with that girl, and I couldn’t save her. Then after the girl says her line, she turns to me, raises the knife up and tries to stab me. That’s when I wake up or by sitting bolt upright, hyperventilating in horror. 

“Sssh, it’s okay. Maybe your favorite breakfast will make you feel better,” Mother smiled as she wiped my tears away.

“Pancakes with chocolate sauce and a chocolate milkshake?” my eyes lit up.

“I’ll tell Serena. Think you can get ready for school now?”

“Yeah, I’ll be down in ten,” I told her as she left my room. The weekend just passed by in a blink of the eye. More of my father’s business partners came round for breakfast, lunch and dinner! How many partners does he have?!

I quickly showered, got dressed and put on some light make-up before I headed downstairs. I wore a white baggy hoodie that had Alice in Wonderland hugging the white rabbit on it. I paired it with skinny black jeans and a pair of my favorite converses. I went straight to the kitchen, as I smelt the fresh batch of pancakes on the breakfast bar. I thanked Serena before scoffing down two pancakes and chugged down my milkshake. It was delicious. As I was going to get my car, I heard my parents talking in the study.

“The dreams are getting worse Fabian,” Mother said seriously.

“...What do you suppose we do?” Father sighed and then there was silence. I heard light footsteps coming closer to me, so I ran off. As I closed the front door, I heard a car honk. Turning round to find the same car that dropped me off Friday evening.

“Hey Tristan, what you doing here?” I walked to his car.

“I though you might need a lift to school since your car is there,” he smiled.

“Ah-that’s nice of you...but..erm, I actually picked up my car on Saturday,” I said awkwardly.

“Oh...” his smile immediately disappeared. 

“...But I suppose I could use a break from driving,” I smiled eagerly and opened the car door. In result, his smile came back and we drove off and had a casual conversion about our weekend.

“So what’s your first class today?” I asked him as we both got out of his car and headed for the school entrance.

“Biology, you?"

"Caculus. I better run or Mr Paterson is gonna give me a detention," I quickly hugged him and ran off as the bell went, "I'll see you in music."

Aaron/Jace's P.O.V

I saw Blake hug that wimp before running off to class. My fist immediately tightened seeing him stand there shellshocked, like she just kissed him.

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