Chapter 7

I arrived at Dakota’s at 5pm and Mya and Charisse were already there. First we went out for late night shopping then we came home and watched a movie in her room. ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’...Charisse chose the movie. 

“So what do you think of Tristan?” Dakota asked me as the girls crowded around me.

“Erm...better than my first impression,” I answered nervously. She gave me the ‘what else’ look, so I continued. “He’s a nice guy and very easy to talk to once you get to know him.”

“So...if he asked you on a date would you say yes?”

“Wow. That’s quick work Dakota.”

“So is that more of a yes?” she pried on but I just stayed quiet, thinking. However, during my silence, she jumped to conclusions. She revealed her left hand and I saw that she was holding her mobile phone and it was active. “Tristan? She said yes,” she said to the phone. “So after school tomorrow right?” She asked Tristan about the arranged date. 

“Dakota!” I yelled in surprise and hit her with a pillow.

“,” she dodged my attacks, “you two suit each other.” She ran away from me, leaving me with Mya and Charisse to gossip about what will happen tomorrow. I’m surprised I still haven’t bumped into that two-timer. He’s probably at...her house. That shouldn’t bother me cause it was just a date and now its over and I’m going on a date with Tristan. I’m okay. I don’t feel like crying or slapping him in the face or kicking him ‘where the sun don’t shine’...

Why the hell did he two time me? Am I not good enough for him? I’m glad we never got to the part end of the date were we kiss. That would have been an absolute disaster. A first kiss with a guy that two-times you, I shivered a the thought of it. 

Dakota's P.O.V. 

“What are you doing?” Aaron startled me, with his human appearance, as I was heading back to my room.

“What am I doing what?” I asked, acting dumbfounded. 

“Setting up Tristan to go on a date with Blake?”

“What about it?” I started walking passed him, but he got in my way again. 

“Why are you doing this? You know I-”

“You what?” I hissed at him, “Like her? Oh please be real. I’ve seen so many of your sluts leave-”

“Sluts? I haven’t even brought a girl home since...Eleanor. I’m not the same as I was before,” he gritted his teeth, baring his fangs.

“Well, Blake is not a sex toy. Most girls you touch or get close to either end up badly hurt with no memory of who they are...or dead.” 


“Yes, dead. A few girls you slept with before Brianna died a mysterious death. Also, the one person that was like a sister to me is dead because of you,” I cried.

“I loved her, Dakota. You think I didn’t love her? You think I wanted her dead?!” his anger was boiling over.

“Well, you certainly wanted her to break your arranged marriage. You ‘think’ you like Blake but I won’t let it happen this time. I’m not going to have another person that has finally gotten close to me die because of you. I won’t let it happen.” Aaron was about to reply but just then Maria rushed to my side panicking and panting.

“Mistress Dakota. The Summer’s residence was under attack about 10 minutes ago.”

“Summers? Blake’s house was under attack? Who was attacking them? Dakota, what are you hiding from me?!” this was not exactly helping Aaron, since he had now changed into his original form.

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