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The f!ck boys (doing that so this won't get blocked)

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I think I just threw up a little all over that guy's name brand Nike shoe (No offense to people that wear Nike I'm just saying so sit your ass down)

Wow,I know so many fuck boys!

Y'KNOW the ones that grab girls' asses

The one that thinks that they can fuck any girl anytime they want?

Well too damn bad you better start a savings account for your child support because your pullout game is shit.

The one who acts cool but their humor is only about subscriptions to PornHub and how small that girl's ass is?

You better watch out because that girl's ass can knock you out in one hit.

*Nicki Minaj walks into the room* I mean even silicone asses can do it too!

A girl's ass can do way more than you think it can.....just saying....

All I can tell you is to shut the hell up and go get mauled by a bear because you aren't anywhere near a Hollister model.

Fuck boys really piss me off.

Go shove something up your ass or go to a club and get punched into reality.


(Ouija wasn't scary at all.)

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