The Grinch Winch B*tch

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I am Laurellei.

(Magical unicorn flies by)

And this is Callie....☺️*gets chased by Laurellei and runs out screaming*

Callie: ok bye!!

I am Notsoradrose's friend and I got bored so I am writing a part in her book.

Now let's go in the tardis and travel back in time to fifth grade with Mrs. Grinch (not her real name but oh well) The most Evil horriblest(yes I used that word) teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could tell you a entire book about she who shall not be named but I am going to tell only one memory of her.

We are in the class room,it's the end of the second nine weeks,and she was supposed to give us our report cards.

She stomps in and says, "Okay,twerps,time to get your report cards."

She exhales deeply and plops her rude self down in her computer chair.

Okay,so as me,being a 5th grader,I was so scared of her.

No one knew what this witch was capable of!Not even our parents!

Not even the person who is reading this!

So,since you don't know much about her,except for the fact that she is a witch,but anyways,here it is.

She would embarrass you so badly that you would want to cry and hide in the bathroom behind the toilets until it was time to go.

Okay so back to the story!

*back rolls into the time machine*

I gulped nervously,sweat coming out endlessly from my pores.

My stomach feels like a sumo wrestler is rolling around inside it.

Mrs.Grinch clicks her mouse slowly.

My breathing hitches when I see her pull our grades up onto the projector.

"HAHAAHAHAHAHA YOU TWERPS ARE SO...STUPID!" She cackles,throwing her broomstick across the room and hitting the fire alarm,causing everyone to scream and run for their lives.

A boy gets up,running to the door.

She gets on her spare broomstick,flying over to the door and locking it with her magical powers.

"Not so fast,twerp!" She spits,turning him into a llama.

She cackled evilly again,flying back over to her computer.

"Let's see who I can turn into a snake..." She says with venom in her voice.

Her mouse arrow stops at my name.

My heart stops.

"Laurelli." She says,looking at me with her black soulless eyes.

"Y-Yes?" I choke out,sweat dripping down my back.

"You have an A....YOU'RE NOT STUPID!" She says,her mouth curling into an evil smile.

I let out a sigh of relief.

"But,I'm still turning you into a snake." She laughed,getting onto her broomstick.

Then out of no where,the door is busted open.

Mrs.Grinch scowled,covering her eyes from the sunlight.

"If you liked it then you should'a put a ring on it!" Beyoncé sang,her backup dancers attacking Mrs.Grinch.

Mrs.Grinch screamed,turning into an ant.

We all cheered,highfiving Beyoncé and her backup dancers.

"I got gloss on my lips,a man on my hips." Beyoncé sang,fireworks going off around us.


Okay,okay,that didn't really happen.

But the part about her pulling our grades up on the board and embarrassing the crap out of us is true.


*Beyonce sings Single Ladies as the ending credits*

*Me,Callie,and Laurelli all dance with the back up dancers while money falls freely around us*

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