These people make me question of what I am doing with my life.

You don't have to lie or say a horrible thing about someone just to fit in with absolute assholes.

Like if someone says that someone is ugly and you like that person,but you just HAVE to fit in,you do not have to add on to it.




"Well,I like that person,so stop being such an asshole."

I see that everywhere.

From school to a job.

That is like trying to fit in with your boss and saying that his mother looks like someone shit on her and then that leads to you being in a hospital bed because the one thing you didn't know was that your boss used to be a wrestler for WWE.


It is like working for the Coca-Cola company and then you go to the Dr.Pepper company and say that Coca-Cola tastes like shit but the one thing you didn't know was that the owner of the Coca-Cola company's mother was behind you and she used to be a body builder and then she kicks your ass into next year.

This doesn't link to the entry title at all....

Oh well!


(I'm going to watch Ouija tonight in the dark tonight so wish me luck)

*tries to cartwheel out* *falls on ass*

I'm working on it. *runs*

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